No Fireworks, Just Smooth Sailing

by Joanne on July 4, 2012

Getting started on our July 4th celebration there were no fireworks but smooth sailing or rather running and riding. 

It was already 70 degrees when we got up late on this holiday.  We stayed up until 11:30 pm (quite the accomplishment for Ted and I) watching the DVD “Safe House” with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds


Does Denzel ever make a bad movie? I haven’t seen one if he has.

When we finally got our lazy behinds out of bed, Shane and I went for a 5 mile run. We made a couple of water stops because Shane and his thick fur coat don’t do well in the heat.  It was an easy paced run. 

While we were running, Ted set out on the bike to meet up with friends for coffee.  We passed on the street and, as he flew by said, “I’ll call you”.  Sounds like a the end of a bad date, doesn’t it?!

I was able to get a good 1/2 hour in the gym working arms before Zoey said “Gotta Go OUT!”  Speaking of Zoey, look how big she’s getting – what a cutie!

zoey at work

The phone rang while the dogs were having breakfast. It was Ted.  He asked if I was into a bike ride as he had put air in my tires and got my bike all set.  In other words, NO EXCUSES!  Give me 15 minutes and I’d meet him at Utica College. 

We rode to Clinton and back for about an 18 mile ride.  The sky looked questionable at times, we saw very little sun but the temperature was good for bike riding.  Nice!

Once at home, my stomach started screaming!  I had run and worked out with very little fuel:  3/4 scoop of HEED and 1 Chomp.  While on the bike, we stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for a small coffee and shared a multi grain bagel.  I needed to eat a real meal!

July 4th 20123

Filled the pan with greens, a tablespoon of pinto beans, 4 asparagus spears, 2 cherry tomatoes, a handful of spinach and 3/4 cup of egg whites.  OH! I forgot – added about 1 TBS of cooked rice as well and topped it all off with 2 TBS reduced fat feta cheese. 

July 4th 20124

Ahh!  So good!

July 4th 20126

Like I said, I was hungry.

The dogs lay in wait while we make breakfast in hopes scraps will fall. When the food doesn’t hit the floor, they give up and entertain themselves.

July 4th 20122

As for the rest of our Independence Day celebration, we aren’t sure what we’ll do. There will be fireworks locally tonight which we might try to watch.  Not sure how Zoey will react to the big BANGS and the big BOOMS.  Guess we’ll find out soon enough.


What’s happening for your Fourth of July?

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  • At 2012.07.04 18:08, Choc Chip Uru said:

    Sounds like a great day besides the heat my friend 😀
    Zoey is the ultimate cute dog you arer so lucky!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • At 2012.07.04 20:40, Gera@Sweets Foods Blog said:

      So Happy 4th July! 🙂
      Here is cold and rainy since several days …no running for me…enjoy the summer there!



      • At 2012.07.04 22:24, Hannah said:

        You’re not missing out on anything if you ask me- No fireworks on my agenda either. It’s just such a pain to fight for space on the beach, and then wait two hours for a 5 minute show. Nah, I’d rather just hear the booms from afar, and keep being productive through the evening. These summer classes keep me busy! Almost makes me wish I ran too, just to clear my mind a bit…

        • At 2012.07.05 16:41, Nancy Jean said:

          Cannot believe how Zoey’s grown/changed since we just saw her?! And I love the picture of the two kids, also. So sweet together, and they’re both so beautiful in different ways.
          Sounds like your arm & bruised knee are just fine again, good to hear that fall’s not going to keep you down!
          Bob scooped me up from work at noon and we had a lovely lunch at the Hawkeye lounge outside the Otesaga. We had a flashback of us all cheering Ted on one of his first tri’s – – how far he’s come!
          Take good care, and good luck Sunday xo

          • At 2012.07.06 13:20, Mary @ Fit and Fed said:

            Your little border collie looks so sweet, I hope both your dogs did OK with the fireworks. I see you still had some asparagus to put in your omelette. I know we still have asparagus in the Seattle area, don’t know where you are but I just assumed it would have been done already in the parts of the country where it’s been hot (pretty much everywhere else).

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