Puppies Under Foot and NaturallySavvy Gift Bag

by Joanne on June 26, 2012

Tuesday morning was a hill workout for Boilermaker training.  I’ve never done hill repeats before since we live in such a hilly area, never really thought it was necessary. But it was time for something different. I’m trying to keep myself entertained through these summer months of race training. 

I was going to run 25 minute warm up, 8 x 1 minute repeats, jogging back down, and finishing with a 25 minute cool down.  Instead, I ran a 14 minute warm up, 5 x 1 minute repeats, jogging down, and on the 6th repeat, ran to the top of the hill which was a 4 minute run, ending with an easy run back home for 30 minutes.

It was still pretty early and I took advantage of the extra time to work my back with weights then try to run with Zoey around the block, about 1/4 mile.  WHAT an experience!

barking dog

She barked, growled, jumped and rolled the entire way.  Luckily, her feet got under mine only once. Sympathy goes out to all our neighbors for the early morning wake up call.  Dog faceBaring teeth smile


Remember this post which shared information about a neat little book,

unjunk junk food naturallysavvy

a must for anyone who cares about what goes into your body? Well, as a result, a package arrived at my door

FOFF Oven Fries and NaturallySavvy8

and look what was inside…

FOFF Oven Fries and NaturallySavvy2

WOW! So many goodies to try.  From Gluten Free chocolate sandwich cookies to Organic hard cherry candies…

FOFF Oven Fries and NaturallySavvy10

From Newman’s Own Organic popcorn to All Natural trail mix…

FOFF Oven Fries and NaturallySavvy14

Antioxidant drink, baked potato chips, and GLEE gum.

FOFF Oven Fries and NaturallySavvy16

Brownie mix, sparkling lemon refresher, and cola with stevia as well as a can with real sugar.

Plus coupons…

FOFF Oven Fries and NaturallySavvy11

Ted and I were like kids in a candy store.  We rummaged through that big bag of goodies like it was Christmas. 

We’ve consumed most of the items. I still have to make those brownies but everything we ate and/or drank was good. If I can find everything in our local stores, I’ll use the coupons to enjoy a double-take on those goodies. 

Thanks Andrea Donsky and Randy Boyer at Naturally Savvy.  The great things I get to test and review makes it fun being part of the “Savvy” crowd.

What do you consider the most UNHEALTHY snack you allow yourself once in a while?

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  • At 2012.06.27 11:58, Heather said:

    How cute that you ran with Zoey already! She’ll get it. 🙂
    Well, it’s not really a “snack” but I indulge in Baskin Robbin’s chocolate peanut butter ice cream about once a year. It’s my most favorite ice cream EVER.

    • At 2012.06.28 00:59, The Green Girl said:

      Before my speed workouts, I indulge in a Baskin Robbin’s peanut butter cup ice cream in a cone. I think it may be the same as Heather’s except during the summer I eat it once a week before my Tuesday track run.

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