Things That Take Priority

by Joanne on June 14, 2012

I’ve skipped my planned runs the past couple of days. These guys are wearing me out and insist on taking priority.

The Dogs15

The Dogs4

The husband’s priority:

The Dogs21

Clean cars

The Dogs10

The dog’s priority

The Dogs25

Play ball

The Dogs9

Chew. Chew ANYTHING!  *Try taking a photo with a steady hand when the pup is making a toy out of the camera strap!

So we enjoy the out doors on a nice early summer’s night

The Dogs2

The Dogs24

Maybe we even help each other out

The Dogs18

It’s all good. It’s all fun. We’re one big happy family. 

The Dogs20

The Dogs23

What’s your family doing on these warm summer nights?

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  • At 2012.06.15 07:47, Choc Chip Uru said:

    They deserve priority my friend, the lil cuties 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

    • At 2012.06.15 10:18, Joanne said:

      They are my little cuties (even the bigger ones) 😉

      • At 2012.06.15 11:04, Nancy Jean said:

        TERRIFIC pictures, Joanne! Zoey is growing by leaps & bounds, and Shane is just so gorgeous. Of course, your hubby is no slouch 😉

        We’re in for a fabulous weekend … ENJOY!

        • At 2012.06.15 12:29, Cakewhiz said:

          Seems like you are being kept busy 😛
          Those doggies are so cute!

          • At 2012.06.16 01:52, myfudo said:

            They are soooo cute! I am not into cars, so you know the dogs are what I am talking about. Love your shots! =)

            • At 2012.06.16 14:17, Bela said:

              OMG those 2 are cuties they are definately a priority 😉

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