Cooperstown Triathlon 2012

by Joanne on May 27, 2012

Ted’s first triathlon of the year.  We were a little late and after joking about not wearing the chip while driving to Cooperstown at 6:45 am, don’t you know, 10 minutes before the start, we realize Ted never got his ankle chip.  That will teach us.

Getting ready

Entering the water, 62 degrees (so I was told)

Getting ready for his favorite part of the race, the bike!

Didn’t go quite the way he wanted but wasn’t bad.

and for Ted, his least favorite part of the triathlon, the run!

Just seconds away from finishing…


Finished! That was number 5 for the books.  All good and better than last year. We’re happy.

While Ted was running, I was welcoming a new member to our family

Her name is Zoey and she is 100% Border Collie. 

Every time I told anyone I was getting a Border Collie their response was “Oh No. You better be ready to give her a lot of exercise.  Border Collies have endless energy and they are SO smart.”   This was exciting since Zoey will be my other running partner.  The Border Collie is all about endurance.   

However, she is only 9 weeks old and a day at the “races” was exhausting!

The adorable little gal slept through breakfast.

As for Shane, he doesn’t mind her but she can’t mess with his toys. 

If you’re a dog person, what’s your favorite breed?

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  • At 2012.05.27 21:07, myfudo said:

    Hi Zoey! You look really cute…
    The pictures are amazing. I am sure the experience is really memorable. Thanks for sharing!

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