McMillan Running–Sunday

by Joanne on May 13, 2012

The day started with a run/walk for Ted and I along the world famous A1 Mountain Trail.

A1 Mountain Trail

The A1 Mountain Trail-The mountains weren’t as snow covered today. Just a little snow on the far left mountain tip.

The option for runners was whatever length run you wanted, 30 to 90 minutes.  All week, I had planned on a good 90 minute run with the rest of the runners but that didn’t happen. My leg was aching so I held back with Ted, who also had hamstring issues, and we ran and walked for 6 miles.  My desire to hit some pace miles got the better of me so we came back to the hotel where I took the Urban trail out for 3 miles, managing 5 miles at pace.

Urban trail

The Urban Trail System

Our final gathering was brunch catered at the hotel which included an egg dish, bacon for carnivores, potatoes, fruit and Danish. We sat around the table and talked about what was most enjoyable for each of us during the camp.  You know what was most interesting?  Elite athletes have the same fears, apprehensions that we mid-range runners have. They exert the same effort we do in a race only they are running a faster pace. I absolutely loved every minute of every discussion.

Favorite Camp Experiences Summary:

  • The evaluation of running form: video taping front, back and side running at the track and discussing it in the group.
  • Trail running as a group each day (a lot of folk don’t have trails available where they live, Ted and I included – not like Flagstaff trails anyway)
  • The small group size which made Greg, Ben, Ian, and “Lemon” accessible to each of us.
  • Greg, Ben and Ian regarded all of us with equal importance and interest.  They truly are people oriented folk.

Ted, Greg, Joanne

Ben and Joanne

Ian and Joanne (yes, I took advantage of the “photo moment” and was a total annoyance to all the guys!)

I even followed Ian to his car  (such a stalker!) where his running partner, Zee was getting some much deserved bacon.

Look at this next photo.  Doesn’t it just say “I Love You, Dad!” ? – or maybe “Any more bacon?”

Back to the “favorites” summary…

  • Each daily presentation was well organized, not rehearsed and offered a wealth of information.
  • We were able to work out with the elite runners or watch them during their workouts. *Check out Andrew Lemoncello on Wiki!  AWESOME!

Joanne, Andrew “Lemon”, and Ted

There was so much about this camp that we all enjoyed, it was hard to pin point any one favorite event, presentation, option.  I would sincerely recommend signing up for the McMillan Adult Running camp if you want to improve your running, learn more about endurance running, injury prevention, meet elite athletes, MEET GREG MCMILLAN (you’ll end up thinking he’s your best friend by the end, he’s just THAT much into all of us and our interests, problems, questions).

Check out the camp details. There’s space available in October 2012!

The rest of our day in Arizona…

Back to the Grand Canyon.  Look who got brave and went on the Bright Angel Trail

He was a rock-wall hugger, but we did get on the trail for all of about a tenth of a mile! Sarcastic smile

Other Canyon shots

He was just SO BRAVE! (Umm, not Ted, the squirrel)

We hated to leave but life must go on and, as usual on this blog, I was thirsty and hungry.

San Felipe’s, downtown Flagstaff

Felipe’s SIZZLIN’ Fajitas – shrimp, sautéed onions, red & green peppers with rice, black beans, guacamole, pico de gallo & warm tortillas.

We really hate to leave all the sunshine and friendly folk in Arizona.  The one thing both of us look forward to when getting home is constructing a new plan of action in training for our upcoming runs and triathlons.  We’re both confident we now have enough information to move forward with a plan that will work exclusively for us.

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  • At 2012.05.14 13:03, CJ at Food Stories said:

    What a great trip and a great adventure 🙂

    • At 2012.05.14 15:50, All That I'm Eating said:

      It sounds like you had a great time!

      • At 2012.05.15 16:12, misszippy said:

        Wow. What an awesome experience in an incredible setting! I need to put that on my wish list. Sounds/looks amazing!

        • At 2012.05.16 05:36, myfudo said:

          Wonderful pictures! I am glad to have joined your trip virtually =)

          • At 2012.05.16 12:08, Anne said:

            Such a beautiful country! It must have been such a great experience to run there, I wish I could ride my horse through a valley like that. Really breathtaking.

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