McMillan Running– Saturday

by Joanne on May 13, 2012

The weekend began with a bit of nervousness on my part. I don’t like speed workouts and this was the day for it at McMillan’s Adult Running Camp.

  • 7am warm up on campus then drills, straights and cures.  Form Evaluation – YIKES

  • 10:45 Video Form Analysis

  • 11:45 presentation by Greg McMillan “The Anatomy of a Truly Individualized Training Plan Part 1”
  • 2 pm: Part 2 of ATITP (above) –This was a Q&A
  • 3 pm: presentation by Ben Rosario “The One Percenters (Recovery, Nutrition, Massage, etc)
  • 4:15 “Running Down a Dream – making your goals a reality.”
  • 5 pm:  Optional Run

Just a note, before I forget, Ian Torrence, the Ultra Running coach who works with Greg McMillan has a blog:  Reinventing the Run.  Check it out!

What did my form analysis show? I’m a shuffler.  I have no leg kick.  It was a bit deflating to watch myself on video in front of everyone else, but good feedback came out of it in regards to corrections, drills, and workouts.


Breakfast: After the track workout, Ted and I went right to Hotel Weatherford to enjoy a breakfast outside in the sunshine. 

Ted got tough with 3 graduates who were a little less than considerate with their language.  I happened to go to the car to get a long sleeve shirt during the altercation so when I went back to the table and one of the graduates approached us with a dollar and some commentary, I thought he was just being sweet.  Ted said “He’s being a wise guy”.  Oh well..sometimes ignorance is bliss. Embarrassed smileBreakfast was perfect: good food and sunshine. It just doesn’t get any better.

During the morning session at the hotel, Greg discussed how to construct a personal training plan based on personal goals and abilities. It all comes down to what type of runner you are:  speedster, endurance monster, or combo.  Of course injury proneness matters. The group suggests chiropractors, massage therapists, and physical therapists but NO DOCTORS!  Doctors just don’t get runners.

12:30 pm LUNCH!  We tried to go to Sizzlers, close and quick but the line due to graduation was way beyond our waiting limit so we ventured across the street to Coco’s for more good food and excellent conversation with another McMillan “camper”, George from Chicago.

Grilled salmon on top of fresh mesc. greens with balsamic white bean vinaigrette.

Back to the “class room” for Q&A on developing a training plan followed by Ben’s presentation on “One Percenters”. One percenters are those little things you can do to put you over the top. 

We finished the day at 5:01 pm sharp.  Ted and I decided to head to town, walk, enjoy local quaffs, and of course more food.

Collins Irish Pub where we met up with Doreen and Paul, campers from Canada. What an enjoyable conversation!

Still making our way about town, we discovered the Lumberyard Brewing Co.

Another brewski or wine, depending on your preference.

More campers arrived so there was a little more chit chat before sitting down to a casual dinner at the bar.

Flagstaff is limited on fish options so I settled for a non-favorite, mahi-mahi on a roll with steamed vegetables.  It was blackened but didn’t offer a lot of flavor.

An end to another long but motivational, inspiring, information filled day.

On schedule for tomorrow is the long run.  I’m hoping I can participate because as I sit here typing this post, my hamstring is on ice. I didn’t go all out today but did some drills and faster running that stressed my weak hamstring. It’s a hurtin’!   After the long run, 60 – 90 minutes, we will enjoy a catered brunch as our last get together before we part ways.  There was talk of a camp next year:  “Adult Running Camp 2.0”, a more specifics oriented running experience.

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  • At 2012.05.13 02:12, Nelly said:

    Wow, that McMillan running class sounds amazing! Getting advice from the master himself would be awesome. Soak in all you can!

    • At 2012.05.13 12:36, CJ at Food Stories said:

      I love reading your posts about your running camp and daily activities. Thx for sharing and hope your feeling better for tomorrow 🙂

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