McMillan Running–Friday

by Joanne on May 12, 2012

The schedule of the day went like this:

  • 7 am run on Urban Trail toward Fort Tuthill
  • Breakfast
  • 10:45 presentation by Ben Rosario “Six Steps to Lifelong Running Success”
  • 11:45 presentation by Greg McMillan “Running Physiology and the Four Training Zones”
  • 2 pm, after lunch – a round table discussion on Faults and Fixes by Greg & Ben
  • 3 pm, presentation by Andrew Lemoncello (known as simply Lemon) “Core Training/Injury Prevention”
  • 4:15, “Run with your Body; Race with your Mind – The Psychology of Peak Performance”
  • 5 pm – Optional run

Ted and I were up and moving by 5:30 am.  We both had to take water on the run since the sun would be shining and the air is very dry.  I wore capris with a long sleeve shirt since it was 50 degrees.  This proved too much clothing by the end of the run.

The group met at the trail head just across the street from the hotel. I held back with Ted for 2 miles.  He was having trouble getting his breath (that mountain air!).  After he turned at the 2 mile point, I continued on until I hit 3 miles then turned. An 8:45 pace for the rest of my 4 miles for a total of 6 plus today.  The heat got to me at about 4 1/2 miles. It was a blessing I had water with me.  I discovered that as much as the scenery is better along a trail, I don’t like running the dirt paths as much as I like running pavement.  It must be my “city slicker” feet.   Ted, as it turned out, had a much better time running the 2 miles back. He found his breath and was able to run all the way back.  There’s hope for him yet! Winking smileAs for me, the dry air has attacked my body and I suffered a minor nose bleed today. Ick! Other than that, I’m adapting well to the elevation.

We had a couple of hours before the presentation portion of today’s running camp began so we showered and found Coco’s for breakfast. Perfect BIG breakfast.

A big bowl of Coaches Oats which we shared. I like mine plain with raisins, Ted adds brown sugar and milk but we managed to split the bowl so no additions violated the others portion.

Next up a fluffy egg white omelet with tomatoes, spinach, and feta cheese.  A side of fresh melon, pineapple and dry rye toast.  Yep – I’m full and ready to start the day.

Time for Class(es)

Six Steps to Lifelong Running Success – Ben Rosario (trained with Hanson-Brooks team, elite runner in St. Louis Marathon, Olympic trials in 2004 – 2005.

  • Set realistic goals
  • Follow a schedule to keep you accountable
  • Find a training partner or group for motivation, for some part of your training.
  • Learn nuts and bolts of running: base, speed, long run
  • Injury prevention (including the right running shoe)
  • Become a fan of the sport – Read! Watch! Interact!

Core Stability Training – Maximizing your running performance, minimize injury – Andrew Lemoncello “Lemon”.  Lemon works with Greg McMillan. He needs Greg’s coaching to slow him down. He’s a speedster. He will be running a race in Las Vegas Saturday, May 12.

Core training helps control power, allowing a more efficient runner and better overall control of movement.  The Swiss ball is a great piece of equipment for core work. 

The core includes all points from the chest to the top of the knees.  We were given 10 exercises which should take about 15 minutes per day.  It was recommended that all strength training/core be done AFTER running, when the body has been sufficiently warmed up.

Break for lunch – Ted and I walked to El Capitan for some good, fresh Mexican cuisine.

Salsa from the fresh salsa bar

A HUGE Mexican Ensalada with grilled shrimp

The food was terrific, the service was a little slow. See all those onions? They were with me ALLLLL day!

Back to class.

We started with a round table discussion on faults and fixes.  This was a discussion addressing the answers to questions campers responded to before coming to camp.  We covered the best cross training techniques, tapering, warming up before different length races, paces and at what point in a race you really need to kick it into top gear.  There was so much covered and it was all valuable information to use in training and before a next key race.

Running Physiology and the Four Training Zones – Greg McMillan

Endurance, Stamina, Speed, and Sprint.  The training zones covered in detail by Greg.

Run with your Body; Race with your Mind – The Psychology of Peak Performance – This was a video that was extremely motivating even though the speaker was addressing a cross country team.  It was fun, engaging, and focused on the mental aspects of all training.

Class ran late, it was after 6 pm by the time we finished.  No optional run tonight.

Ted and I were hungry and took off to Criollo.

A small restaurant with unique Latin inspired local food.  EXCELLENT!

That was Thursday in a nut shell. So much information!  Even Ted, who initially thought this camp was not for him has come away today talking about all the valuable information of today’s lectures. He is very impressed with Greg McMillan.  A truly great coach!

Saturday: We’re at the track for running evaluations and video taping.  All I can think about is hoping I don’t look like Phoebe from Friends while running!


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