McMillan Running–Thursday

by Joanne on May 11, 2012

Before meeting up with other campers, Ted and I set out to the Grand Canyon. It was more than we could have ever expected and would like to go back after Running Camp on Sunday.  Here are the photo highlights of our day.

Breakfast at Casa Bonita – such a bright and happy breakfast spot.

We enjoyed egg white veggie omelets with fresh melon and pineapple.  Delish!

The Grand Canyon:

I took SO many photos, it just didn’t stop amazing me.  I loved climbing down to the edge but Ted got nervous and mad at me so the time on the “edge” was limited. It took pulling teeth to get him to look at me long enough to take this photo and THEN he refused to get closer.

I did get him to pose for a shot about 10’ from the rim. He didn’t like it.

Just spectacular!  Wish I could share all 66 of the photos with you and the interesting facts about the canyon and the wildlife but there just isn’t time. Sad smile

We left the Canyon at noon in order to stop for lunch and get ready to start running camp. We went to an authentic cowboy steak house where I was served a fantastic veggie burger (called a “cowless” burger) and real jar style coffee!

Once back at the hotel, we made a quick change into some running gear and drove to Buffalo Park for a meet, greet and run with the group.

It was a slow 2 miles initially but then I went for more and did a quicker 2 for 4 miles at elevation (7000 ft).  It wasn’t as bad as anticipated, just a little light headed when I picked up the pace but that went away quick enough. The dryness bothered Ted and I the most. Both of our mouths are so chapped from the dry air.

We finished the run and went to Pizzicletta, an authentic Italian pizza place. Small but we took it over and enjoyed beer, wine, salads, and 7 different style pizzas served family style.

It was great eating, drinking and chatting with everyone.  The high light of my evening was a photo with Greg McMillan and Ian Torrence (the ultra runner – SO COOL!).  Ian will be running Leadville 100 in August.  His 2nd Leadville.  Ian has run 164 ultras. Even COOLER!

Following dinner, we went back to the Suites and had a discussion about determining our own Personal Running Evaluations by Greg.  Very interesting and informative.

Tomorrow:  A 7 am run then a full day of interesting running talk.

I just can’t get over it! I SAW THE GRAND CANYON!

and some wild life Open-mouthed smile

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  • At 2012.05.11 11:34, CJ at Food Stories said:

    The Grand Canyon is gorgeous and everyone should see it … Glad you got to go 🙂

    • At 2012.05.11 12:38, Joanne said:

      It def. made you feel so small. Great views. Wish I had brought a better camera.

      • At 2012.05.11 12:10, Nancy Jean said:

        SO glad you got to spend a little time there … go back for another peek if you have time. Depending on the time of day, clouds, etc. it can look entirely different. Great pics, especiall love the last shot you took. Bob was like Ted, kept yelling at me with the photo-taking. “Don’t stand so close to the edge. You’re making me nervous. I can’t look at you. Will you get back here?They put those ropes there for a reason, you know. If you don’t get over here this second…” I felt like I was six years old again! 🙂

        • At 2012.05.11 12:40, Joanne said:

          Funny! I don’t know why they get that way. But we do want to go back and were going to do the Bright Angel Trail but Ted found out the path was 4′ wide and apparently that isn’t wide enough for him esp. if someone wants to pass. So silly 🙂

          • At 2012.05.11 13:20, David Painter said:

            Thanks for the information and keep it coming, I will be heading out to his camp next week. If there is anything that I can’t miss or other notes just email me at the address above, thanks again.

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