McMillan Running Flagstaff–Wednesday

by Joanne on May 10, 2012

We’re on the road again but this time to Flagstaff, Arizona.  An exciting four days with Greg McMillan for the Adult Running Getaway.  It’s been a busy month between trips and work but we’re making our way through it with gusto.

Wednesday is the day we arrive in Phoenix to drive 2 hours up to Flagstaff with an elevation of 7000 feet.  That should make running a challenge!  Before official camp begins, Ted and I plan on doing some sight seeing.  We’ll take in some history along Route 66 and attractions dedicated to Native American culture with an Old West legacy.  Naturally there will be shopping, gallery perusing, and plenty of eating. 

A stop in Sedona

Native American Crafts

Good food.

Temperatures should be high thirties to high sixties from morning to afternoon.  That made packing tough since you have to pack a little of everything. Plus, it’s a running camp with runs scheduled in the morning and afternoon.  That’s more workout outfits than I’m used to packing. 

We’ll be about 80 miles from Grand Canyon National Park and hope to have plenty of time to take a ride Thursday, check out the rim, then high tail it back by 3 for the first run in Buffalo Park.  We have a lot to see and so little time to see it.

A little about the running camp:

The goal of the McMillanRunning camp is to enable participants to experience the famous Flagstaff trails, expand on training methods and principles to help with future running aspirations.  This is what we were told to expect:

  • Dry air and elevation challenges:  Dry air means attention to hydration, internally and externally.  Water and lotion.  Elevation challenges mean our bodies will be craving oxygen and I’m not so sure 4 days will allow time to acclimate.  Because of this, the running is suppose to be easy and enjoyable, about 30 – 60 minutes in duration.  There is one track session at NAU but it’s not going to be intense speed work, just a sampling. 
  • Meals:  We have two meals with the staff and campers.  Thursday is the introduction at Pizzicletta and a welcome speech regarding personal running evaluation by Greg McMillan. Sunday is a wrap it all up brunch.  It should be fun!

Back to Wednesday, we arrived in Phoenix late morning.  It took AGES to get the car from Hertz.

We stopped on the way to Sedona because the red rock formations were just breath taking!


The above photos are within the Coconino National Forest.

Once we got to the hotel, it was a struggle with the internet to log in for work.  We may have to switch rooms. Since the internet was giving us grief, we decided to get out for an early dinner (early AZ time but not so early NY time). 

First stop was Brix.  It was a nice place but mostly meat dishes.  We had a glass of wine, shared a calamari salad then found a wonderful little nook along San Francisco Street.

McMillan Wednesday3

We did some serious damage…

A Margarita

A tuna salad with fresh greens and pita triangles

Plus the hummus plate at the beginning of this post.

We were tempted…ONLY TEMPTED but never gave in to the goodies at the candy shop… a good old candy apple “Worms and Dirt”

A long day. An early turn in to get ready for the Grand Canyon.  The camera battery is charging Open-mouthed smile

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