The Last 20 and then some

by Joanne on March 24, 2012

This morning was my last long run of 20 miles, and then some. It was 21.27 to be exact, about a mile short of what I had intended.  When I neared home, I figured my time was pretty good for a training run, plus the wind had picked up a little, as well as the rain was beginning to fall.  All reasons for me to end on a good note right at 21 1/4. 

This last long run was intended to accomplish a four things. 

  • Run this last 20 at a faster pace than I had run any of my previous long runs. Thumbs up
  • Determine fueling points to get me through without feeling completely done in. Thumbs up
  • Tackle hills at the 16 mile point that is most runners dread at BostonThumbs up
  • Decide which sneakers to wear to run Boston.  Thumbs down

Point 1, faster pace.  My average pace today was 9.09.  That beats my previous long runs and could possibly have been under a 9 min/mile if I hadn’t stuck those 2 miles worth of nasty inclines in there. 

Point 2, fueling.  I was surprised to see how much I took in for this run.  Beginning at 3 AM, since I set out at 5:30 am, I had a 26.2 mini loaf.  It’s carb loaded, and since I make it, I know EXACTLY what’s in it and that it works for me. 

Before heading out, I had 3 Perpetuem solids.  At mile 5 1/2, I had an AccelGel. At mile 11, I was going to have 2 more Perpetuem but took an Endurolyte instead.  That was a shock to my tongue when I expected chalky, vanilla-orange flavor and got SUPER CHEEK SUCKING peach.  I washed the Endurolyte down with water then a few minutes later took the Perpetuem.  Finally, at mile 16 1/2, I had my last Gu with caffeine. 

Total Calories(beginning with the 26.2 mini at 3 am):  637.  Total Fat: 8.1 g, Total Protein: 17 g.  Total Carbs.: 118 g.

Point 3, the hills. I look for hills when I run.  I love running DOWN hills so much that I don’t mind the trip up.  What I DO HATE is the disappointment when struggling up a hill only to find that it flattens out at the top.  This is what my course looked like today:



This is what Boston looks like:


So the hills got to me. I had a couple of bad miles in there and as much as I hated myself for it, had to walk. Crying face.  As I was “interval” walking those hills, I told myself it WON’T happen on April 16th. 

Finally, point 4, what to wear on my feet.  There was rain in the forecast and I didn’t want to wear the sneakers which are my fall backs if all else fails.  I thought I’d try my very first marathon sneakers, Newton’s, since if they got wet, nothing lost. If my feet felt good in them, then I’d try my most recent pair of Newton’s on my next long run.  They failed. My feet are killing me.  I have two more pair to try, the Mizuno from Philadelphia or the Nike Fly’s from last years Boston.  I’m leaning toward the fly’s.

I think I”m ready.  I tortured myself in a satisfactory fashion today.  Next week begins the taper. 

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  • At 2012.03.26 12:25, Heather said:

    Sounds like you’re 90% prepared, which is down right amazing. And you’re going to be amazing on April 16th. No doubt in my mind!

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