Happy St. Patty’s Saturday

by Joanne on March 17, 2012

How’s your St. Patrick’s day going?  We’ve had a super duper day.  I’ll tell you mine if you’ll tell me yours.

It began…

I got up early and started out on an 18 mile run.  It turned out to be a 20 mile run because I saw someone running with their dog and missed my Shane so much, when I got home, after 18 miles, I wanted to at least run a little with my favorite partner. 


PLUS the legs were feeling pretty good. The morning was perfect.

My stomach was a little “off” but I can’t blame it on the meal last night.  We went downtown and enjoyed a quiet dinner since most of Utica was strategically pacing themselves for St. Patrick’s day festivities, feasts and “foams”.


Our little piece of St. Pat’s brewski.  Blue Moon.  I asked for “Green” Moon but the bar didn’t have the works to greenify the brew.  *I’ll bring my own next time.

Back to last night…

Could the spots on the knife have made my stomach a little funky?


Probably not. 

How about the one glass of white wine..oh wait! I lie.  I had two if including the one at home before we left the house.


Again, probably not. 

Maybe too much blue cheese on the green salad?



Could it have been the very garlicky, fresh, warm bread?


Very possibly since I don’t usually eat garlic bread. 

It was certainly not Ted’s filet since I don’t eat meal.


My salmon was grilled to perfection and the corn relish with steamed broccoli tasted too good to be bad.


Maybe it was just one of those sour stomach days that we all have and can’t explain.  Still, it didn’t hamper my run and that’s what counts.

The Parade

After running, Ted and I decided it was high time we FINALLY saw the Utica St. Patrick’s day parade.  After all these years of living in this city, neither one of us has seen the parade. 

What fun!


We’re planning on going downtown next year as well, it was that much fun.


We even saw a horse!


After enjoying our two Blue Moon’s (above), we watch until the parade ended then ventured along to Thornberry’s, the restaurant where Ted and I had our wedding reception.  It has changed hands a couple of times and is finally open again. 

We enjoyed a cup of Irish Coffee then headed for home to cook Ted’s corned beef for our cabbage and potato dinner.


I like to cook it in the crock pot since it seems to turn out the most tender when done that way.

What did your St. Patrick’s day entail? 

Did you make a brisket?

How do you like to cook corned beef?

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  • At 2012.03.19 11:22, Nancy Jean said:

    Where did you guys eat Friday night? Presentation was beautiful and that salmon looks delish!
    So good to hear you’re running well … and the weather is certainly working in your favor too! Gorgeous shot of Shane.
    We drove to Syracuse yesterday to DSW where Bob got two much-needed pairs of work shoes. God, I love that place. Mostly stayed in the men’s section to help Bob, but I did try on one sublime pair of peep-toe pumps but they only had a 7 1/2 and they were flopping off my heels – ah well!

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