Carmel By The Sea

by Joanne on March 7, 2012

Our second full day in California was spent in the car driving through fascinating areas.  We left San Francisco and the Parker Guest House behind to spend a couple of hours in one of our favorite places in the state, Carmel By the Sea. 



Due to some heavy traffic delays typical on California highways, the car ride took us just under 3 hours.  We saw some scenic views along the way and thoroughly enjoyed our visit in Carmel.


The temperatures were cool, about 54 degrees and very windy.  The sun was shining so it was still a pleasure to peruse the little shops and many galleries along the quiet, shaded streets.

We took the a long hill down to the water to enjoy the fresh, crisp air and beautiful view of the white capped water.  In the distance we saw an empty Pebble Beach Golf course.  It was too windy and cold for play on this particular day.  As we headed back up the hill of Ocean Avenue, we stopped to take a look in the windows of houses for sale, a bit of dreaming and longing for things to come.

We found the perfect bistro for lunch.



Porta Bella, the quintessential Carmel restaurant offering Mediterranean cuisine.  The menu featured specialties from France, Italy, and Spain boasting rich and flavorful satisfaction.  The ambience was stylish and romantic in an old world setting.



A warm, welcoming fire glowed in the dining room, inviting warmth from the bone chilling wind.


The meal was just as satisfying as the warm atmosphere.

Starting with a fresh field green salad with balsamic vinaigrette and blue cheese crumbles.


A Salade Nicoise with pan seared Ahi tuna


The Monterey Sand Dabs (a delicate, mild local white fish) with lemon capers, grilled asparagus and fresh vegetables.


A meal and a day that was rewarding for not only the eyes but the taste buds to stomach.  We truly love California.

Next, we meet up with the California Raisin Bread winners and Marketing Board for more scenic touring and learning.

Yosemite Valley tour. Can’t wait!

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  • At 2012.03.08 07:10, Darlene McCarthy said:

    I am loving your trip! Thanks so much for being such a great blogger and having such an exciting life πŸ™‚

    • At 2012.03.08 10:42, misszippy said:

      Oh that looks so fantastic! Extremely jealous! But, happy for you. Enjoy the whole trip!

      • At 2012.03.08 20:57, Heather said:

        Good God, this place is beautiful. How are you ever going to come home??! πŸ™‚

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