Heart Run 30K 2012

by Joanne on March 3, 2012

The weather forecast wasn’t encouraging for a good run on Saturday.  America’s Greatest Heart Run & Walk event for 2012 pulls in a lot of walkers and runners from all over.  There is a 30K run, 10 mile run, 5 mile run, 3 mile run, a 5 mile walk and a 3 mile walk.  We all wanted the day to be sunny and warm however, in New York state chances were slim.  The forecast said rain to light rain with 17 to 22 mph head winds.  Much the same as last Saturday’s forecast. I was beginning to think, for what ever reason, I was meant to run in high winds and cold, windy weather.

At 5 am Saturday morning, I checked the weather channel. AMAZING!   No rain, the wind prediction was 12 – 15 mph gusts.  I could deal with that.  At 7:30 am, when we began our 30K trek from Van’s Tavern in Barneveld to Utica College, the sky’s were clear.  In fact, there was only a 1/2 mile stretch when I even noticed the wind.  By the time I had finished my run, the sun was warming my face. What luck!

As usual, the first mile was tough, it begins up a hill.


Then you cruise. It’s the perfect training run for Boston because at the 16 mile point, when your legs are tired, you have to run up Utica’s (actually New York Mills’) very own Heartbreak Hill.

There were some key points that helped me keep pace along the way:

  1. We picked up the 10 mile runners so I wasn’t running by myself anymore. Folks were passing me with fresh legs and fast twitch muscles. Running with other people helps me push my pace. For the first 8 miles, I was a middle pack runner all on my own. The fast folk were well ahead and the slower folk were far behind.
  2. Amy, HI AMY!  Open-mouthed smile, a blog reader came up behind and we chatted for a few minutes until her speedy legs left me in the dirt.  That little bit of time allowed me to vary my speed to a faster pace which my body liked.  My body also enjoyed slowing down again once Amy passed. Sad smile
  3. We ran by the Marcy Correctional facility on a down hill and the inmates were hootin’ and hollerin’.  It made that little stretch of down hill fun and fast.
  4. Approaching the 5 mile start, there were no runners to be found. The group had already gone off and I was behind them.  At this point, there is more crowd support as we get closer to Utica.
  5. Once again, a gal ran up behind me and said “18 miler?!  Way to go!”  We ran together for a few miles, past the 3 mile point where the runners were just arriving on the buses.  It was announced that the “5 MILE RUN WOULD START IN ….WHOOPS! THAT’S 3 MILE RUN…”    A moment of despair hit me. 5 more miles? How could that be?!   Relief as I heard the correction.  I said to the gal running with me “How many times have we run 3 miles? WE CAN DO THIS!”   For her benefit AND mine. Mantras…keep saying those mantras.
  6. As Heartbreak hill approached, my legs were shot.  No matter what the case, I was determined not to walk up those hills. This was my Boston and I was going to run it as I plan to run it in April. No walking. No stopping. MENTAL running if nothing else.  There’s TONS of support on the hill so getting up it isn’t as hard as it seems. The crowd pushes you along and before you know it…the top of the hill. The final stretch home.

Summary:  I ran in hopes of maintaining my goal marathon pace,WITHOUT checking my Garmin.  I ran based on how my legs felt.  For about 13 miles, I was within range of my target. I didn’t quite reach goal pace but I’m not disappointed at all with the results.  18.25 miles in 2:38:50.  Average pace of 8:43 and on tired legs, I’m pretty happy with myself.  I’m hoping with the remaining 5 weeks of training I have left for Boston (vacation next week, no training), with a good solid 2 1/2 week taper, I’ll get a bit closer to achieving a new marathon PR.

Total miles this week:  56.3

Long run:  20.36 split:  2.1 mile warm up with Shane and 18.25 Heart run at close to goal pace.

At 13.1 (Half Marathon point) in Heart Run, my pace was right on target at 8:01, 1 hr 44 min.

And now…. California here I come!  It’s the California Raisin Bread Contest Winners Prize Vacation.  Can’t wait! *By the way, if you click on the link (HERE), you can enter this years contest yourself. It’s too much fun not to!

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  • At 2012.03.03 22:48, Bela said:

    Great job on the run, sounds like you are ready for Boston! Have a great time in Cali and let us know all about it!

    • At 2012.03.15 06:11, Edward Carson said:

      Good tune up here. Hope to run into you at athletes’ village.

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