What Happened and My First Green Smoothie

by Joanne on February 27, 2012

My first half marathon of the year didn’t happen.  I was going to be tough. I would run through that predicted 25 mph wind.  In fact, Shane and I went out for a 2 mile test run before leaving the house for Onondaga Lake Park, 1 hour 15 minutes away.  I was ready with my temporary tattoo


I was dressed, had my running fuel, my ice bugs just in case there was a lot of snow.  About 20 minutes after leaving the house, I realized my Garmin had been left behind.  Was that a sign?

A sign

I’ve NEVER run without my Garmin.  Things were sure to be different on this day.

When Ted and I arrived at the park, the heavy wet snow was hitting the wind shield.  It would be like running in the rain.  We left the warmth of the car and faced the wild wind and snow to go to pick up the packet.  My body was frozen to the core and I was only outside for less than 5 minutes!  “I’m not doing this.  It won’t help my training to run in this weather and I can’t risk getting sick before leaving for California.”  Bib number 173 never ran. 

The thought of quitting kills me. I don’t quit anything.  As much as I dread the thought of doing a lot of things, I follow through.  My thoughts were all about how badly I would beat myself up over not running this race but then rationalization set in.  I needed a confidence booster.  I needed to run a race that would let me know my training was paying off. This race, due to the weather, wasn’t going to do that.  We got home and I did nothing but Apple Crumbles work for the rest of the day. 

A New Day:

Sunday morning, Shane and I were on the icy roads. The pathways were snow and ice covered, there was deep snow where the wind had piled it high.  The sun was shining, it was 16 degrees and I thought “THIS is the type of day I don’t mind putting on my sneaks and going for a run.”  We ran for 8.2 miles before getting home and hitting the treadmill to finish up a total of 16 miles.  I didn’t make marathon pace but I felt good.

There is some regret for not running on Saturday but I didn’t know anyone who was running. It would have been a lonely, cold, tough race which, I can only assume, would have resulted in my worst half marathon time ever.  That worst time is bound to happen but I don’t need it right before Boston.

Green Smoothie

I’ve never been too excited to try a green smoothie.


Something about drinking green liquid…it brings back memories of green beer on St. Patrick’s Day.  Those are memories I could do without. Maybe that’s why I don’t really like beer now?  But enough of bad memories regarding over indulgence and onto a drink that is so green it HAS to be good for you.  It’s called the Kale Boost.


Makes enough for 2 servings.

The Kale Boost Smoothie

  • 4 leaves kale (don’t put those tough stems in there – nasty!)
  • 1 medium apple, peeled and cored
  • 1 banana
  • 16 oz. water
  • 1 scoop Spirulina protein (flavored or not)
  • 1 TBS natural peanut butter

Put all the above into a blender and mix until blended and smooth. Serve over ice.


Mmmm… it was good and gone in a flash. 

I asked Ted to taste to see what he thought….”I’m not going to get sick am I?”…..glug…glug…glug…”Hey. Not bad.” Open-mouthed smile

A clean, nutritious post workout out refresher … or breakfast drink.  ENJOY!

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  • At 2012.02.27 16:43, Dara said:

    I am a kale fanatic!!!! I have not, however, made a kale smoothie. I’m gonna add this one to the list. I am also awarding you a Versatile Blogger Award because I am loving your blog and your content. Keep up the great work.

    • At 2012.02.27 19:32, Joanne said:

      I’ve tried the spinach shakes but didn’t add as much fruit. Maybe the apple and banana are the key?! 🙂

      • At 2012.02.27 16:59, Peggy said:

        I made that exact greenie a few weeks ago and it tasted really good. Unfortunately, for me, it became a colon cleanser. Maybe I drank too much of it? LOL At any rate, we tried kale in other ways and it is good just heated up in a skillet with a little olive oil too. You amaze me on running. You are a rock star!!

        • At 2012.02.27 19:34, Joanne said:

          Whoops! I eat so much greenery, my colon is used to it 😉

          • At 2012.02.27 17:03, Tammy said:

            welcome to the world of green smoothies. They really are addictive and I think you made the right decision about running (at least that is what I would’ve done).

            • At 2012.02.27 19:35, Joanne said:

              I think Ted was surprised at how much he enjoyed it.

              • At 2012.02.27 19:01, misszippy said:

                I can’t blame you on that run–it would NOT have been fun. There will be others and you got to enjoy your Sunday run instead.

                Love green smoothies–make one most days!

                • At 2012.02.27 19:35, Joanne said:

                  Yeah – no reason to subject myself to that kind of weather.

                  • At 2012.02.28 07:18, Heather said:

                    I’m with you on the race. There will be plenty more!!!!

                    • At 2012.02.28 10:57, Nancy Jean said:

                      SO glad you decided not to run the half. In that kind of wet, windy slop no telling what could have happened. Not just awful weather to be out in for any length of time, but you might even have fallen which would have been dreadful. Much better to wait when you could definitely feel good about the mileage!

                      Take good care … Boston’s on the horizon! 🙂

                      • At 2012.02.28 11:00, Nancy Jean said:

                        p.s. I love the temp tattoo … where did you find it? When I was in my 20s I toyed with the idea of getting a Pegasus tattoo, but didn’t see an image that perfectly conveyed what I had envisioned. I also couldn’t decide where to put it.
                        Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t see one like this?!

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