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by Joanne on February 19, 2012

If you look through our book

taste book examiner

you won’t find a recipe called “Orange You Juicy Pie”.  It’s  all mine. 


My recipe did however, come from the Lemonade Pie recipe posted by Donna and found on page 158 of our book.  Donna suggested substituting any frozen concentrate you want to make a different pie.  I love lemon meringue pies.  I love lemon cake.  I DON’T love lemonade. 


Here is the original recipe with my personal adaptations at the side.

Makes 2 pies

  • 1/2 gallon your favorite vanilla ice cream (softened). 
  • 8 oz. Cool Whip
  • 12 oz. concentrated frozen lemonade *I used orange juice concentrate but was thinking how delicious a lime pie might be. 
  • 2 ready made graham cracker crumb pie crusts

In a large bowl, mix the ice cream, HALF of the Cool Whip and the frozen concentrate. 

Spoon evenly into the pie shells.  Top with the remaining Cool Whip.

Freeze for approximately 1 hour.


What a refreshing frozen treat.  Such a good, easy and quick recipe.

We’re not even HALF way through the desserts in the book A Taste of Utica.  Each cookie, each cake, each pie is just as good as the one before it.  Most of the recipes are easy and quick.  Even though Utica isn’t a big city, we do have big city good food.  One way to experience the traditions and tastes of Utica is through our book, A Taste of Utica.  The recipes are loosely written so there’s plenty of room for making them your own.  If you do need a little more guidance, simply search for the recipe within my site, Apple Crumbles by the search button at the top.  If you can’t find the recipe, please email me at with any questions.  These recipes are too good to miss.

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  • At 2012.02.19 17:10, Tammy said:

    My orange trees are exploding right now and I am going to try this out next weekend.Thank you!!

    • At 2012.02.20 07:37, Heather said:

      I starred this recipe – it looks so delicious!

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