Embrace Resolutions and Planning a Route

by Joanne on January 19, 2012

I stopped making resolutions years ago. Good intentions would last for about two weeks but then fall by the wayside about mid January. I do set goals and challenges for myself but don’t invent them “willy-nilly” at the turn of the year. They are well thought out and I work towards them utilizing a defined plan.

I found a neat anagram from My Inner World  which uses the word “FACE” to help resolution makers stay on track for the new year. It appealed to me because of the challenges I’ve set for myself in 2012. If I can keep this anagram in mind when the going gets tough, it will help me get over any lack in the motivational hurdle.


Copied from My Inner World:

Facing our lives can feel overwhelming especially at the beginning of the year when all our goals and aspirations are waiting to be addressed. Usually, when we are trying to make changes there seems to be equally opposing forces trying to hold us back.

…. “FACE”… is an anagram to help embrace resolutions.


F- Fearlessness and Fierce: Use fearlessness to propel yourself forward. Be fierce to move past inertia.

A-Action and Audacity to break down barriers.

C-Compassion, Creativity and Contemplation – Contemplation helps us access our lives. Creativity gives us the ingenuity to accomplish our aims. Compassion helps us navigate our journey with respect and kindness.

E– Enough, Energy, Enthusiasm – There is more than enough. Do not buy into a sense of lack. Energy and Enthusiasm help us create the life that we want.

Route Planning

running route

If you’re a walker/runner, do you plan your route days in advance?

I start thinking about my Saturday long run on Thursday. I begin to plan a route and start questioning what time I’ll set out, if I’ll take Shane in the beginning of my run, at the end of my run, or ask Ted to give the pup his daily exercise.

Thursday, as I drove home from work, I thought about the route intended for Saturday. As I drove, a brand new route came to mind.  It was perfect! I actually got excited about trying it out and really, how many of us get excited about that long run which takes hours on the road in the cold, wet, and sometimes windy, weather?

1. I would take Shane for my first 10 miles.

2. I would drop him off at home, get water, etc. * It’s tough to carry water with me this time of year because it freezes . If I take Shane for the initial 10, both he and I can have water early in the run before it freezes.  When I drop him off, rehydrating at that point should take me to the end of my run.  

3. I would set off alone for the last 6 – 7 miles and hit some hills close to the house.

The change of route seemed to settle my apprehension since the course initially chosen has a long stretch of road which is dimly lit, rutted, and can get busy even early in the morning. The new route doesn’t take me too far from home, is in a well lit neighborhood (once I climb a steep hill) and offers a nice flat road for the last 2 miles.

Right now, I’m ready and excited for the long run. Saturday morning, probably not as excited.

Are you running this weekend?  What workout do you have planned?

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  • At 2012.01.20 17:56, Heather said:

    Good luck on your run tomorrow – I’m sure it will be great!
    Not sure if I’ll run this weekend, but I am signed up for spinning both Saturday and Sunday, and I’m swimming tomorrow. should be a good weekend!

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