Unmatched and Panettone Fruited French Toast

by Joanne on January 14, 2012

The back roads were covered in snow and the challenge of running through car tire tracks resulting in uneven, packed, sometimes slushy snow got the better of me.  The Parkway wasn’t safe since the side walks weren’t cleared.  Shane and I were out early trying to cover as many of the 15 scheduled miles as we could.  We eked out 9 miles, and by mile 8 my legs were calling it quits.  We got home, Shane was packed with icy sludge on his belly.  He was cleaned up, my clothes were traded from long winter leggings to shorts, we went downstairs and I hit the treadmill to finish 6 more miles while Shane napped close by.  *Try taking a photo with your cell phone while running on the treadmill.  You get blurrrrrr…..


On days like today, when my pace is barely under 10 min per mile for the total run, I wonder if I actually got anything out of it. 

  • It was a tough run due to the road conditions and I ran so much slower than any of my goal paces.
  • Justification:  I had to work harder.
  • I really, REALLY wanted to stop a number of times and especially didn’t relish the idea of having to finish 6 more miles on the “DREADmill”.
    • Justification:  I pushed through to complete the total miles for this weeks long run.
  • My body doesn’t feel like it ran 15 miles.
    • Justification:  I ran slow, an easy run so I can get in 5 or so more recovery miles (maybe finishing with strides) tomorrow.

    Do you try to justify a bad run or just feel rotten about it and beat yourself up for not pushing harder?


    I really need to get my eyes corrected.  Half way through Friday morning at work, I discovered my underwear were inside-out.  Not that anyone saw (obviously!) but still, it wasn’t right.  No telling what other faux pas I’m making.

    This had nothing to do with not being able to see, but I randomly pulled shorts and a tank from the closet for running.  The top was blue the shorts had orange stripes


    There was no color match to be found in that outfit.  I was going to put top or bottom back and grab something that went together more appropriately then I thought why?!   Why would I need a matching outfit to run by myself, on the treadmill.  I don’t even look at myself in the mirror on those lonely workout mornings, so why did I need to match shorts and top?!   I thought “if it turns out to be a ridiculously bad run, I will have to attribute it to the mismatched clothes”.  

    Do you need to wear matching top and bottoms when you workout?


    Remember this?  Panettone Chocolate Chip French Toast.


    Well, here is round two:  The fruit version of French toast using Panettone Fruit Specialty Cake. 


    Makes 6 to 8  servings

    • 1 Panettone Specialty Cake
    • 4 TBS butter (or a healthy oleo alternative such as “SmartBalance”)
    • 6 large whole eggs, beaten
    • 4 TBS 2% milk
    • Your favorite topping:  maple syrup, honey, peanut butter, or simply butter.

    Slice the Panettone into 6 – 8 equal slices.  Cut to a thickness that will not break apart.


    The slices may seem thick but it’s a delicate bread/cake and will break apart. You can cut these in half after cooking.

    Using a large frying pan, heat, medium high heat,  1 TBS of butter (or a healthy alternative) per batch of French toast.  The number of batches will depend on pan size. You don’t want to over crowd.  I used a 13” round pan and cooked in three batches. 

    Beat the eggs with the milk. 

    Dip each piece of Panettone in the egg-milk mix and allow to drip off before adding the slice to the heated pan.

    Allow to cook 2 – 3 minutes or until browned then flip over and cook the other side.  Remove to plate and keep warm.

    Add more butter to the pan  and allow to melt prior to cooking the next batch.


    Top with your favorite topping and serve. 


    Seriously Good!


    Tell me about the best French toast you ever tasted.  Did you make it yourself?

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    • At 2012.01.14 18:24, Sophie @ LoveLiveAndLearn said:

      I find it really hard not to beat myself up over workouts, I often feel like I haven’t worked hard enough but then I remind myself that I shouldn’t push myself to the point of pain and exhaustion!
      This post made me giggle, I think you are completely right, why wear matching clothes to exercise, especially when you’re just on the treadmill!
      I don’t really have matching workout clothes anyway but all of the bottoms are plain so I guess it makes it easy 😛
      And that panettone french toast looks just as divine as last time!

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