Happy New 2012! Health, Happiness, and Success

by Joanne on January 1, 2012

Is that your plan for the New Year? Health, Happiness, and Success. Believe it and make it happen.

We brought in the New Year in Myrtle Beach.  We enjoyed the festivities at a few places and finally toasted at midnight in our favorite little place “Pawley’s Island Pub”.

Joanne New Year 2012

Catching flys with my mouth wide open.  Our second stop of the night, “Creek Ratz”

Joanne New Year 2012ted

What a face!  I TOLD Ted we shouldn’t have had that Rum Runner!  Not sure why he’s pinching his nipple?!!! Better his than mine.

Joanne New Year 2012rich

Rich maintaining some normality in the evening and keeping both Ted and I in check. 

What a great time we had.  We got home just after 12:30 am, gave hugs to Mum and Dad then fell asleep within 5 minutes of hitting the pillow. 

The results of the festivities didn’t hold us back from getting in a good run Sunday morning.  Shane and I left Ted in bed while we went for our “hangover run” of 6.3 miles.  It was a fast paced run, averaging 8.4 because Shane thought we were behind Ted and we needed to chase him.  It’s fun to let the dog pull like that because my legs fly but the run is effortless. Cheating? You bet!  Winking smile

Ted went out on his own for 3 miles.  His foot still hurts him but he’s trying since it doesn’t seem to be getting any worse.  Ted’s goal for 2012 is to run the intermediate triathlons so he has to get comfortable with the 10K distance. 

All in all, a good workout to introduce the New Year and especially after such a hard day yesterday: 10 miles plus a 28 mile cycle ride at an easy pace but fighting wind part of the way.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and make it a HEALTHY, JOYOUS, and SUCCESSFUL year. 

New Year

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  • At 2012.01.01 18:56, Heather said:

    Awww…..you guys looks so cute (and happy!)!
    Happy New Year, Joanne! I’m impressed you did a “hangover run” – I couldn’t even get my lazy butt out of bed. 🙂

    • At 2012.01.01 19:26, Pam said:

      Happy New Year Dad, Joanne, Rich, Pat, and Don!!

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