2012 Race Schedule

Beer N Chili Run: Newport, Feb. 4th, Saturday. Didn’t run because my hamstring was acting up.

Lake Effect Half Marathon: Onondaga Lake Park, Feb. 25th, Saturday.  Didn’t run. The weather was too cold, windy, and heavy wet snow.

American Heart Run:  3/4/12  30K/18 miles (not a race):  Pace 8:43 over 18 miles. Good training run. It wore my legs out.

Roman Runners Fort2Fort 10K:  Last year, 2011, a PR at 47:14, ave. pace 7:37.  This year, 2012, I maintained my tempo pace (which was more exhausting than I expected it to be) at 48:23, ave. pace 7:48.  76 out of 266.  3 out of 15 in age group, and 13th overall female.

Boston Marathon: Boston, MA April 16, Monday.  Last year ran 3:47:14. This year, ran a personal WORST, 4:22:07. Temps hit 87 degrees. Put in a run-walk effort to make it to the finish.

Boilermaker 15K: Utica, NY July 8th, 2012. Results for 2012: 17 of 498 in age group. Ave. pace 7:58. Time: 1:14:10

Catherine Valley Half Marathon: Watkins Glen, NY August 9, 2012. RECAP HERE. 10th of 71 in age group (40 to 59). Ave. pace 8:08 and a new PR by 3 seconds of 1:46:48.  Felt great the entire run. *Must have been the pasta dinner.

Air Force Marathon: Dayton, OH  Sept. 15, 2012, Results for 2012:  3:46:32, 5th out of 123 in age group. 497 out of 3297 over all, 83 out of 1065 female, Pace 8:39.  This is a new PR (by 19 seconds but hey! every little bit, right?!).

Mohawk To Hudson: Albany, NY Oct. 7, 2012 RECAP HERE:  3:44:37 Net – A NEW PR!

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