A BLISS-ful Getaway

by Joanne on December 13, 2011

The second week of the Bliss Challenge has us reminiscing about our most memorable vacation.

Of course my most memorable vacation was an island far away called Tahiti where Ted and I spent our honeymoon over eleven years ago.


*The photos may look a bit strange since they are photos of photos from our album. 

We stayed on three islands in the French Polynesian:  Bora Bora, Moorea, and Tahiti (Papete), the main island.

It was one week of wonderful discoveries.

We snorkeled. Ted enjoyed snorkeling but I learned about the deadly rock fish and decided I would much rather do other things.


My water exploration of choice was this:


So cool! We fed the fish and a “friendly” sting ray actually swam by wanting food. Freaky but so cool!  Did I mention sharks?!!!


We toured the islands, enjoying all the sites we could take in over the course of 6 days.


From the turquoise water to the Tahitian pearls, we found paradise.


Windy days mixed with a lot of sun made the weather perfect.


We did have a few experiences we could have done without. Like when we came home from dinner one evening to find a long dark line from the floor, climbing up the bed and onto the pillow .  Housekeeping had left a chocolate on each pillow and ants had found it.

Or when geckos were seen scurrying across the walls of our lodgings.  Lizards in the house?! Not for me!

The trip getting to Tahiti was a long one.  From Utica, we travelled to Oakland, CA and had to wait to board a 1 AM flight.  During the flight, we discovered one of the flight attendants did not believe in deodorant.  NASTY!

We discovered a drink that knocked us both over: the B52.  This photo was after we had shared one and a half of the potent elixir.


We just look INTOXICATINGLY happy, don’t we?!

We said we would revisit Tahiti on our 10th anniversary.  That didn’t happen. It’s a long flight and times change. Will we go again? We hope to.

As I said, it’s paradise.


A week of BLISS!

What’s your most memorable vacation?

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  • At 2011.12.13 19:52, Lori said:

    Just beautiful! What a wonderful honeymoon – so romantic. 😀

    I think our trips to New Orleans always stand out as our best vacations. And Disneyworld (where we went for our honeymoon).

    • At 2011.12.14 08:45, Joanne said:

      Some of the most fascinating places in the world are right here in the US. We tend to take more vacations domestically.

      • At 2011.12.14 10:52, Caitlin said:

        Looks amazing! I feel like the photo in the big island wicker chair is a staple of many beach vacations. My most memorable vacations have been to Las Vegas. My favorite place ever to visit!

        • At 2011.12.14 15:15, Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said:

          Oh, I just love your (photos of) photos!
          Looks like you had an amazing time.

          My favorite vacation was also our honeymoon – last year!
          We (not so) spring chickens flew the coop and drove around Arizona. we managed to keep from falling into the Grand Canyon. Amazing. Simply breath-taking.

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