You Make Me Smile

by Joanne on December 9, 2011

Bliss.Com is challenging bloggers.  We’re kicking off the coming New Year with some
motivations and healthy blogging.

The first challenge is to let everyone know why you started blogging & who or
what inspires you the most.

Why I started blogging:

I have always enjoyed cooking and baking but not keeping track of favorite
recipes.  Blogging began as my own personal cooking and baking journal to
document recipes, cooking, baking, kitchen tips and tricks.  The search option
on my own blog made it easy to find old favorites.  That was the beginning but
THEN…I discovered fitness bloggers who were running marathons!  These weren’t
elite runners nor were they under 3 hour marathoners.  These were fit and
healthy bloggers running 26.2 miles for kicks.  I wanted to do that!  And so
began my blogging, not just for recipes, but to keep me motivated and true to my
running goals.  Once I put it out there, I was committed.

The Who and the What that Inspires me the most:

This one is tough.  The “who” would be an assortment of people in my life.
But just to name one or two, beginning with the wonderfully talented writers
who grab our attention with such mundane daily happenings yet we are
intrigued and bedazzled by their writings and recaps every day.
Moving on to family.  My dad who has heaps of energy and is constantly creating
and inventing.  He inspires me to be a better person and to not be afraid to put
myself out there.

Now for the “WHAT” that inspires me.  Life, nature, health/fitness.

Life, in all it’s infinite circles, is inspiring.  It’s our being, breath,
our soul.  It’s new and old and it’s to be cherished every day because no
second, no minute will ever happen again. Life is inspiring because it’s a
gift to be grateful for.

Nature, inspires creativity because it’s fresh, it’s miraculous.  Nature has
the ability to shock, to soothe, it can bite and be cruel, or gentle and
loving.  It’s brilliant and the things we are fortunate enough to witness
are inspiring to the imagination.

Health/Fitness is inspiring because without our health and fitness, we
wouldn’t be able to enjoy the gift of life.  If we have our health and fitness,
we stay happy and focused. Good health inspires working towards new goals and challenges.

Now, an email gift from my cousin that I want to share with you.  Maybe you’ve seen this, maybe not. Either way, it’s sure to bring a smile.

Always try to help a friend in need clip_image001
Believe in yourself clip_image002
Study hard clip_image003
Give lots of kisses clip_image004
Laugh often clip_image005
Don’t be overly concerned with your weight, it’s just a number clip_image006
Always try to see the glass half full clip_image007
Meet new people, even if they look different to you clip_image008
Remain calm, even when it seems hopeless clip_image009
Take lots of naps.. clip_image010
Be weird whenever you have the chance clip_image011
Love your friends, no matter who they are clip_image012
Don’t waste food clip_image013
RELAX clip_image014
Take an occasional risk clip_image015
Try to have a little fun each day.
…it’s important
Share a joke with friends clip_image017
Fall in love with someone…. clip_image018
..and say ‘I love you’ often clip_image019
Express yourself creatively clip_image020
Be conscious of your appearance clip_image021
Always be up for surprises clip_image022
Love someone with all of your heart clip_image023
Share with friends clip_image024
Watch your step clip_image025
It will get better clip_image026
There is always someone who loves you more than you know clip_image027
Exercise to keep fit clip_image028
Live up to your name clip_image029
Seize the Moment clip_image030
Hold on to good friends; they are few and far between clip_image031
Indulge in the things you truly love clip_image032
Cherish every Sunday clip_image033
At the end of the day… PRAY clip_image034
And smile at least once a day! clip_image035
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  • At 2011.12.09 08:32, Sue said:

    You know, I realized that Dad is inspirational but so is mum. Think about it, she has put up with us all for all these years so cudo’s for “endurance and grace under fire” because she is our base line. ( Well she’s put up with you and dad, I’m a gem 😉 )

    • At 2011.12.09 08:36, Joanne said:

      So true. In fact, I had both you AND mum in my original write up of inspiring peeps. You, mum, Ted, and a lot of others inspire me in ways that help to teach and guide me to becoming a better person.

      • At 2011.12.09 14:04, Jessica @ Cajunlicious said:

        Great photos and love your story!

        • At 2011.12.09 15:29, Joanne said:

          Thanks 🙂

          • At 2011.12.09 14:17, misszippy said:

            Those animal pics are the best!

            I love how you began as a foodie blogger and then added in the marathon aspect. What a perfect pairing!

            And go for that 30 minutes off your PR!

            • At 2011.12.09 15:30, Joanne said:

              Animal photos always make me smile. I just love the little huggables 🙂

              • At 2011.12.09 15:26, Dana @ Cooking at Cafe D said:

                Cute pics!
                My immediate influence was Alton Brown – there was something that just clicked! (I wrote my first blog post about “Why I blame Alton Brown.”

                My true inspiration came from my aunt. She always had enough food in the fridge to put on a full spread – no matter who dropped in. Very tasty. Layers of flavor. Amazing. Miss her. But, I still have her recipes – written in my 12 year old handwriting!

                • At 2011.12.09 15:31, Joanne said:

                  Great story! Alton Brown…he is fun to watch and always makes sense 🙂

                  • At 2011.12.09 18:57, Edward Carson said:

                    This blog post just made my weekend! Very positive.

                    • At 2011.12.10 09:10, Sophie said:

                      What a beautiful post! I laughed all the way! 🙂

                      • At 2011.12.10 14:53, Kara @ 365 Day and 100 Pounds said:

                        This just made my day : ) Especially the “Express yourself creatively” one. It always good to put things in perspective.

                        • At 2011.12.11 21:33, Pam said:

                          Great post Joanne 🙂
                          I hope you know how inspiring you are to me!

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