Halloween Party 2011 FACEBOOK

by Joanne on October 25, 2011

The annual Halloween party at Chip and Maryanne’s was early this year.  We had a great time last Saturday night.

This is how it goes…

We ring the doorbell at Chip and Maryanne’s , the door opens and the hosts as well as whatever guests have arrived, stand staring at you.  Some attendees may put on a little skit.  Some may just come dressed in traditional “ghostly” attire.  But you are required to enter, stand for the video camera as well as still shots.  Everyone is supposed to guess your costume.

The five of us went as FACEBOOK pages, thanks to the Janice’s idea.


Jackie, Rocco, Janice, ME, and Ted.

None of us was 100% sure what “Poke” means on Facebook but Rocco and Jackie took the chance and wrote

“POKE ME NOW” and “POKE ME BABY” on their pages.  I have a feeling, they totally misunderstood the meaning.

Janice entertained a lot of family pics with a more colorful page than the rest of us.

I added Halloween pics from the past and the usual headings found on a Facebook page.

Ted didn’t follow anyone’s lead and came up with his own original page with family photo’s and cars.


It was fun and NO MAKEUP to take off at the end of the night!

The party was filled with all sorts of strange folk:



Maryanne cooks up a storm for this party. Everything you can imagine is offered to eat.

This is the dish that caught my eye.


Is that the BEST idea?!  It’s a chocolate kiss, with sliced almond ears and the back end and tail is a chocolate covered cherry.

A mouse! How adorable.


Maryanne and Chip go all out, offering their house as our party place.  They cover the sofa and chairs with ghostly seat covers and even deck the collection of Schultz and Dooley mugs up in their own costumes.


The couple also shares some interesting photos on their fridge

Squirrel no nuts

While studying the panicked squirrel pic, Ted was accosted by SAMBUCA DRACULA

Halloween Ted Sambuca

The party was a lot of fun as usual although  we left before the loud music and dancing began. It was 11 pm and we cut out due to heavy eyes.  Wine and Sambuca don’t help you stay awake when you’ve had a long day.


What’s your favorite, all time Halloween costume?

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  • At 2011.10.25 08:04, Heather said:

    Love that you got first prize!! And those chocolate mice are too cute!
    The first year I was dating my husband he wouldn’t tell me what his costume was and showed up to the party as a Nascar fan. Acid washed jeans, beer hat, boots, blacked out teeth, the works – and it was the first time most of my friends were meeting him!!! I’ll never forget it. 🙂

    • At 2011.10.25 08:21, Peggy said:

      What a great party! wow is the only word that comes to mind when I see all that food. And I LOVE your costumes. I may have to steal your idea for next year. This year Chandler is going as Zorro and I am going as his spanish dancer senorita. I have lots of work to do on my costume though before this Saturday nite. Thanks for sharing this party with all of us. It really gets me in the spirit!!!

      • At 2011.10.25 10:17, Monet said:

        What a fabulous party! I wish I had friends as creative as you guys. I loved the costumes and the chocolate mouse too! Thank you for sharing with me today. It is always a good day when I start with a visit to your blog. You know how to make me smile. Much love and many blessings from Austin.

        • At 2011.10.25 16:31, Andrew said:

          Halloween parties are THE BEST!! I was wondering if you had any healthy cookie ideas for a Halloween party that you can pass on to me….I’m having a party on Saturday night. Thanks so much!!

          • At 2011.10.26 10:09, The Green Girl said:

            I love love love the Facebook costumes – what a timely costume idea!

            Those mice are adorable. What a clever thing to do.

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