Kansas: Fifteen Hours Later

by Joanne on October 14, 2011

The California Raisin Bread Contest. It all starts here and now.  But it was a long time getting to the “here and now” based on our airport experience.  Be prepared.  The initial part of this post is all about the well executed art of WHINING!

Syracuse at 7 am.  Chicago at 8:45 am.  It was Chicago that tested our mature sense of patience.  Given one gate, yet boarding was at another.  We were on the plane, everyone was being seated. The flight was agonizingly full.  Ted was one seat behind me.  Both of us had middle row seats and you KNOW how that is?!  We were scheduled to take off at 11:05 when, 15 minutes prior, the flight attendant announced  “The Captain Broke a Tooth Eating His Breakfast This Morning.  We Are Currently Trying To Find Another Captain.”  

My number one question:  WHY?!…WHY OH WHY OH WHY put us all on the plane when it was painfully OBVIOUS American Airlines knew there would be a delay as they hunted down a replacement pilot?

One hour later, a pilot was found.  After flight plans were completed, we would be on our way.   “Flight attendants, prepare for take off.” 

Nothing happened.

The Captain’s voice is heard over the intercom:   “We have a problem with a light in the control panel. We need to wait for the maintenance crew to fix it and we will be on our way.” 

It was 1:20 before we would be in the air to Dallas/Ft.Worth.  The girl next to me was crying. It was the 2nd time that morning was going to have to change her flight.  The other gal to the right of me was on the phone with the airlines.  She was tough!  After a 10 minute argument and several threats later, she got herself seated on another flight.  Ted and I sat quite calm.  With all my flying experience, I knew the stress of it all just wasn’t worth it.  We would get to Kansas, it was just a matter of when.

The airlines have taken away so much in the past years and now they completely disregard the compassion for passengers in lieu of profit.  They know they will have repeat customers so why treat anyone with a little bit more civility than is necessary?!



We arrived in Manhattan, Kansas at 10 pm.  We missed the welcoming dinner but the folks from CA Raisin Board picked us up from the airport to drive us to the hotel.  We were tired but not too tired to order PIZZA!


There were a few good things that came out of our extended airport visits.  I was able to get my Starbucks fix.


AND… found the GREATEST app for my phone, The Fun  Run Trainer.


I used it this morning to run 6.12 miles of the Philadelphia marathon at pace on the hotel treadmill.  It even lets you listen to music as it offers updates on your pace, incline, and miles to go.

Stay tuned for the recap of a much BETTER day as it all gets started at the American Culinary Institute in Manhattan, Kansas.

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    Thanks for mentioning the app..The Culinary Institute?..how exciting! Look forward to the post 🙂

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