Ant Attack and Bay Scallops

by Joanne on August 31, 2011

I  was bound and determined to get back on track with my running schedule. I did a double workout today incorporating yesterdays speed work with todays easy 50 minute run. Was it tough? Oh yeah. Did I get it all done? Oh yeah.  64 minutes on the treadmill running 5 minute intervals with 3 minute rests at half marathon pace PLUS 55 minutes outside with Shane for an easy run.  13.4 miles.  My bad leg is grumbling but the rest of me is fine.  Would I recommend making up a missed workout to anyone else by doing double duty? No Way! It’s not smart and you set yourself up for injury. 

Here’s the key:  If you miss a quality workout, such as a speed workout or a long run, you should make it up (baring injury).  If you don’t have time to get all your scheduled workouts in within a certain weekly time frame, skip one of the easy/recovery runs by filling in with the speed work or long run that you missed.  Don’t stress about missing an easy run.  Maybe you needed the rest. 

So here’s the question:  Why do we KNOW the right way to train, or rather the SENSIBLE way to train AND stress the need to follow the “rules” to others, BUT make exception for ourselves? 


We had an ant invasion and I was so freaked out that I threw together dinner without a thought and without writing down what I added or the methodology. 

When my parents were home for the summer, Dad left some caramel sauce on the counter.  Don’t you know, the day they left, the ants were all over it in full force?!  They were those tiny, horrible sugar ants.  Ever look at one up close?   Ah….I didn’t take that photo. No Way! 

sugar ant


We got everything off the counters and cleaned then sprayed then cleaned again.  We were good…for 5 days then they were back.  Once again, ripped everything off the counters and cleaned out two cupboards, washed, sprayed, washed AGAIN.   Good – clear for about 2 days.  THEN… as I’m cooking the following meal, don’t I see two ants come from the STOVE TOP?!   OMG! I couldn’t believe it –

home invasion ants

FREAKED out – and got dinner over with in a flash so we could Rrrrrip apart the draws, the cupboards, the countertops, clean, SPRAY, and clean, CLEAN, CLEAN again.  My kitchen doesn’t smell like food or cooking anymore.  It smells like a disinfected clean room.

Ants, bugs, you name it, they just make me feel creepy crawly and, if they are in my kitchen, DIRTY!  The whole room 18 x 18 square feet gets a scrubbin’. 

Anyway, this is what we ate in the fit of ant attack.  Not sure anyone wants to see food after that ugly ant photo, but hey, just wanted to share….

Scallops cooked in a little olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper for me.


Scallops cooked in less olive oil (because of the oil from the pepperoni), pepperoni slices, lemon juice, and pepper for Ted. *No salt because pepperoni is salty enough.


Both dishes of Bay Scallops served with sauteed vegetables:


Note: Bay scallops take about one minute to cook. They are small, very sweet and you don’t want to over cook them.  If you do, you’ll have little rubber marbles on your plate.

So that was our night.  The Ant Attack.  [knocking on wood….] I think we got ‘em all that last time.  Once they find you, they sure have a tough time letting go. 

Have you been suffering from “Ant Attack” this summer?

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  • At 2011.08.31 22:10, claudia @whats cookin italian cuisine said:

    We are ant professinals in Florida… the secret weapon…….

    Mothballs place them anywhere with ants…

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