Leadville 100, Me on BLISS, and Bread Contest

by Joanne on August 9, 2011

The Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race.  Ever heard of it?


From the site…

This is it. The race of all races. One hundred miles across the high-altitude, extreme terrain of the Colorado Rockies. Created for only the most determined athletes. Starting at 10,152 feet and climbing to 12,424 feet, you’ll be challenged to catch your breath — while the views try to take it away.

It’s an outrageous cycling event that most of us wouldn’t even think of undertaking. But Margaret Thompson, our local Cyclocross Champion is getting out there and will conquer the extreme endurance event. Read more about how Margaret trained for the race and all precursors leading up to the Leadville 100.

And here I am proud of myself when I spend 40 minutes on my indoor bike trainer. Hmmm…

Featured on BLISS!


My articles were featured on BLISS. Have you checked out the site yet? If not, start with my article on Food Cravings.


then check out a super recipe the folks of BLISS thought was site worthy:  “>Farro Wheat Salad

Farro wheat

Finally, but not least, Bread Contest!  You still have time to enter, Aug. 16th deadline.


Remember last year when I was a finalist in the California Raisin Bread Contest? Well this year, you all have a chance.

Check it out at CA Raisins for the application.  Here are the links to my three days spent in Kansas for the contest. So much fun!

Day one last year

KS Day1

Day two last year

KS Day2


The Winners Announced…last year

KS Day3

Other goings on…

On my way to work today I saw this sign


What is that? I’ve never seen a sign like that before. Is there a guy up ahead stopping all cars and handing out ear plugs or do we have to insert our own that we all NATURALLY keep in our glove box? Not sure if I needed to take a different route?

It just seemed weird to me given the fact that when driving or running and coming to a stop light, there is always a car that pulls up which literally vibrates because the music is turned up so loud. Maybe there should be more of these signs around, especially near colleges and high schools.

Has everyone been busy lately? I’ve been DROWNING in BUSY and need a vacation!

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  • At 2011.08.09 19:28, Rachel said:

    Yep, I’ve heard of the Leadville 100. I’ve been visiting the family cabin near Leadville all my life and we were often there for the race. The finish in town is so amazing – these people come in caked with mud, looking like they’re gonna die after riding for 100 miles. I can’t even fathom it…
    Leadvilleis a REALLY cool town, by the way, one of the last unspoiled Colorado mountain towns.

    • At 2011.08.09 21:07, Lori said:

      Congrats on the Bliss!

      I have not heard of that race, but I used to live in Colorado and there are some serious hills there. Well, really they are mountains LOL!

      • At 2011.08.10 07:31, Heather said:

        The Leadville 100 is BADASS. I swear I’m going to do a century ride soon, but nothing as cool as that one. 🙂
        Congrats on the feature! You deserve it with all your amazing recipes!

        • At 2011.08.10 11:16, Steph @ StephSnacks said:

          Congrats to you on your posts being featured on Bliss! How exciting!

          • At 2011.08.10 16:11, Ali @ Peaches and Football said:

            Wow, that is so cool about Bliss. 🙂 Green over here!!

            Yes, I am feeling super busy lately. Trying to cram a bunch of work in this week in hopes of having next week off. Funny how you spend extra time before AND after a vacation playing catch up!

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