Smart Dog and Veggie Bean Burgers

by Joanne on July 16, 2011

You know, I brag that my dog is smart but then again…I have to wonder….


The other night when Ted and I were ready for bed, Shane was laying on my side, as usual, with only

four legs showing from under the bed.

At 1:30 AM, I woke to desperate whining. I thought Shane might be desperate to go out.

As I walked around the bed, No Shane! The whining continued.

I looked down to see a nose poking out from underneath the bed on Ted’s side.

Shane had worked his way all the way across the carpet to the other side of the bed and was stuck – he

couldn’t get out.

I said “easy Shane” as I pulled his back end to shimmy him around. He kept trying to get his feet under him to get up.

In the meantime, Ted woke up (didn’t hear ANY of the crying) and based on seeing only my blonde

hair at the foot of the bed, thought Mocha was in the room.

Shane recovered, unscathed.  Ted figured out that there was only ONE dog and ONE wife in the room.

What a night!   It was tough to get back to sleep after such a comedy act.

The things dogs do…even the “smart” ones!

Recovery Week Exercise Recap


Monday and Tuesday I needed to pass on the running so I just rode the bike and worked with weights.

Wednesday was a good 7 mile run. Started off slow but worked into a healthy pace.

Thursday, weights and an easy 4 1/2 miles.

Friday, rode the bike for 35 minutes then went for a 4 3/4 mile run, a “BRICK” (without the swim).  I felt great and ran at a good 8:48 pace.

Saturday, the L O O N N N G G G G run.  Shane ran for 3 1/2, dropped him off and continued on for a total of 15 miles.  The first 9 miles were great. I lost it between 9 and 12 and finally got a full second wind at 14.  Doesn’t that always seem to happen?  You know you only have ONE MORE MILE and it’s usually easier than the last three.

*By the way, I’ve been using HAMMER NUTRITION products (thanks to Pam’s recommendation). They are so much better than what I was using. So light tasting and clean.  No stomach upset.  If you want to try, use this number to get 15% off your order:  187143 and let them know Joanne and applecrumbles sent you.

What was your best work out this week?

Veggie Bean Burgers


  • 15 oz can low-sodium black beans
  • 7.5 oz black eyed peas *or other bean
  • ¼ small yellow onion, diced
  • ¾ red bell pepper diced
  • ½ tsp fresh ground black pepper
  • 1 tsp Italian seasoning
  • 1 tsp thyme
  • 1 cup TVP crumbs *See below
  • ¼ cup egg beaters or 1 large egg or egg substitute (see below)

**Top with homemade guacamole and Alfalfa sprouts for an antioxidant BOOST!

TVP: or Texturized Vegetable Protein, is a nutrient-rich addition to any meal. Processed from soybean flour, TVP is high in protein and fat-free. Its texture, when cooked, is very similar to that of meat, and it comes in a variety of shapes for use in stir-fries, pasta sauces and many other applications. It can be purchased dried and usually calls for rehydrating before cooking. Due to its crumbly texture, TVP can be used as a protein-rich substitute for bread crumbs. It’s a good option for people adhering to a gluten-free diet or who suffer from celiac disease.

Egg Substitute: 1 egg= 1 ½ TBS baking powder + 1 ½ TBS warm water + 1 ½ TBS oil. You can also use fruit for binding & moisture: ¼ cup applesauce (or other pureed fruit).

Preheat the oven to 375 F.

Either grease a baking sheet with non stick spray or olive oil OR use non-stick aluminum foil.

Mash the beans with an immersion blender or use a mixer or food processor to puree.

Add the onion, bell pepper, black pepper, seasoning, thyme, TVP and egg beaters. Mix well.

Form into 6 patties and place on the prepared baking sheet.

When the oven has preheated, cook patties for 12 – 15 minutes.


*They will be delicate. Remove with spatula with care to serve on buns or on crisp, fresh lettuce.


We all loved these burgers AND, the sprouts were a hit all the way around.  It was Ted’s first time having sprouts.  He loved them and the antioxidant benefits are only a PLUS!

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  • At 2011.07.16 10:26, Green Groats said:

    Yes! I’ve been meaning to make my own veggie burgers, and I have all of these ingredients. You have great pictures of these too! I’ll let you know if I try them.

    Whenever I’ve tried making them, they are always very delicate too. Last time, my burgers turned into a scramble instead of a burger…

    • At 2011.07.16 12:59, Lori said:

      Animals don’t really think very well. They have instincts, but to get out by backing up is a thinking maneuver. LOL.

      My best workout this week was my lifting workout after resting up from the 100 mile ride. It felt good to lift again after a week off!

      • At 2011.07.16 20:35, Liz said:

        Poor Shane! How old is he? He still seems to have some puppy antics in him 🙂 My parents have two puppies, still only 7 months old, and this makes me think of something they would do.

        These burgers look great, by the way. Thanks for the info on TVP crumbs. I’ve heard of TVP before but wasn’t really sure what it was. Where do you find them?

        • At 2011.07.17 08:53, Medeja said:

          What a healthy burger! Lovely food..

          And I’m glad that your cute boy is ok and unharmed.

          • At 2011.07.17 15:24, Ali said:

            Yum – everyone posts such amazing looking veggie burgers. I’m trying to find a recipe that would appeal to a meat-and-potato boyfriend. He’s so picky. LOL

            Best workout was a 1.5miles hike through Copper Falls. It was ALL uphill and very hot and humid. I was dead by the end. 🙂

            • At 2011.07.17 17:06, claudia lamascolo said:

              Bean Burgers are new for me sounds very healthy of course and looks fabulous!

              • At 2011.07.17 21:42, Pam said:

                I’m so happy you are loving the Hammer Gel!! I think it’s such a great product for athletes in training. That’s awesome you have a discount code, I will be using it, thanks!!
                Have you tried using ground flaxseed for egg replacer? Combine 1 Tablespoon ground flaxseed with 3 Tablespoons water, let sit for 5 minutes then add to recipe. The black bean burgers look good, although I’m not a big fan of TVP.

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