Owasco Man Sprint Triathlon

by Joanne on July 3, 2011

What a day! This is a long vacation weekend right? We relax, kick back with friends, celebrate the Fourth of July…the last two might apply but relax?  No way. Not us.

Saturday:  Long run of the week,  14 miles.  I took Shane for 5 1/4 then continued on down the Boilermaker course and back, zig-zagging to get in 14 miles. Not one iota more!

After I dropped Shane off, I took a Gu Roctane.  I was tired so I tried to focus on the beautiful morning and how nice to be outside running easy, no pressure.  But things started hurting.  I got a little side stitch.  That went away after a few minutes.  My foot hurt.  That went away.  My right hamstring began acting up. That, too, went away.  By the time I was hitting mile 12, I was struggling and everything was sore.  It was my own fault.  Since the Adirondack Distance run last Sunday, I haven’t taken one day off from running.  Not smart and completely not recommended. Why did I do it? I was feeling good and shrugged off any thoughts that my body might need some recovery anyway.

Monday=5 miles. Tuesday=10 1/4 miles. Wednesday= 4 miles. Thursday=9 miles. Friday=4 miles. Saturday=14 miles.  Counting Sunday, that was 3 miles shy of 60, 57 miles too many.  So when Ted said “We’re getting up at 4am and leaving the house by 4:45am” for the Owasco Triathlon, I was not thrilled but I WAS excited about his 2nd sprint tri.  One negated the other. 



This year’s Owascoman Triathlon will have a wave start, male and female.

Swim: 1000 yard swim
Bike: a 14 mile ride along the West side of Owasco Lake
Run: a 3.1 mile run through and around Emerson and Island Parks

It was an exciting day.  Ted was really looking forward to this second triathlon.  I, however, was nervous.  His swim was longer.  The bike ride was longer and the run, well, the run I knew he’d get through as long as his foot wasn’t hurting him too badly.

Although we thought we had left in plenty of time, our arrival at Emerson Park in Auburn, NY was all rush, rush, rush.  We parked, checked in and Ted got marked with number and age. By the time we began setting up his bike in transition, there was only 6 more minutes until they closed the transition area.  We had a 12 minute walk to the starting point at the lake.  We did make it with 5 minutes to spare but forgot to leave all the GU packets in transition so Ted was going to have to swim with them without losing the energy gels from his wet suit and pockets. 

The horn blew, the swimmers were off, 1000 meters around the lake.


Ted had a good swim, 25 minutes.  His transition was also good, 2 1/2 minutes. 

The bike ride was rolling hills with the majority of the uphill being in the beginning miles. 

What does a spectator do for 45 minutes? Eat an apple and enjoy the view.


Until FINALLY her hubby comes back into view and gets ready to run.


Cyclists had to walk bikes over the bridge before getting on, then stop before the bridge prior to getting off. 

Back to transition, sneaks on and so is the run.  Look at this concentration!


A 5K of 2 laps and he was done. 


GREAT JOB!  Ted finished his 2nd Sprint Triathlon in great time!

He was more relaxed during the longer swim.  The lake was shallow.  Swimmers had a long walk in the water to the starting point and could walk quite a long way exiting the water if they wanted.

The bike ride was good.  He passed a few people and made good time, 49 minutes.

His foot was hurting a bit during the run and Ted didn’t like having the 2 loop course.  Who does?!!! But HE MADE IT !   Run time: 31 minutes.

Ted felt good and was ready to     P A R T Y !

It was a weekend celebration at our friends house where we celebrated FRED’S birthday!


The cake


Bottom layer: White cake with strawberry cheesecake filling

Middle layer: Dark chocolate cake with rich, dark chocolate mousse.

Top layer:  A mini white cake with dark chocolate mousse underneath.


The pool, The food. The great friends. What a day! 

We’re beat but wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Tons of fun!

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  • At 2011.07.04 12:17, Green Groats said:

    This looks like a fun tri!! Nice job to Ted 🙂 Enjoy the holiday!!

    • At 2011.07.04 14:55, Pam said:

      Great job Dad!!! Congrats on completing you 2nd tri, so proud of you :)!!
      Happy 4th!! Can’t wait to see you in a couple days.
      Happy Birthday Fred!
      Joanne did you make that cake, looks so beautiful!!

      • At 2011.07.05 01:08, Tammy said:

        Wow. You guys outdid yourselves. I love the photo with your apple in it.

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