Fun Things Friday

by Joanne on June 10, 2011

The weekly exercise recap:

It wasn’t one of my best workout weeks. Those mystery pains are back again in my hip and hamstring.  I’m thinking some serious revamping of my workout schedule is in order.

I ran Monday and had a great run.  It wasn’t long since I cross trained in the gym with the Elliptical and weights but it was a good run up some serious hills once I got outside.

Tuesday, I’m not sure what happened.  I got up and brushed my teeth then went back to bed.  Since I didn’t get up again until 5:30, I played Frisbee with Shane and decided to sneak in a real “flip” type back and shoulder workout.  That took all of 15 minutes.  Still having time to spare, I  DARED to test the treadmill after having the belt and internal components cleaned (if you remember, it came to a screeching halt while I was running). I did a quick 2 miles then had to get a move on, thinking I would make up some running miles after work.  Yeah! That always goes well!

There’s a little path from our facility that winds mysteriously into a deep wooded area.  I decided it would be my running route on that 86 degree Tuesday afternoon.  In a nutshell, I only managed 2 1/4 miles at some unspeakable slow pace. There was nothing there but heavy, heavy legs.

Wednesday was a bit better. A quick 5K on the mill (it was still running ok and didn’t try to “buck” me off).  A mediocre leg and abs workout. I wanted to take it easy since Ted and I are running the Nate The Great 5K on Saturday (maybe I’ll get to meet Sylvester Stallone! or… Mike Tyson?).  To finish up, I went outside with Shane for a slow 3 3/4 miles to finish with 6 3/4 miles total for the day.

HIP and LEG PAIN – yes, it’s back again.  Wednesday my hip was hurting and my right leg was in spasms.  Not sure why this happened since I haven’t been putting in high miles.

Thursday was a get up later kind of day.  Shane and I ran an easy 5 +.  Still trying to ignore the pain. Not a smart thing to do. We’ll see how long I get away with it this time.

Fun Things Friday – starting with ….

a day off from any and all workouts. A simple easy stroll before work is all this body gets for the day.

And then there’s …

This movie – cute


Happy Hour Wine – good



Growing Herbs – fun watching them grow taller and stronger each day


6 days later…



6 days later



4 days later (STILL the slow poke)


What’s your “Fun Things Friday” all about?
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  • At 2011.06.10 06:59, claudia lamascolo said:

    thats wine is pretty neat to have it tell how it taste with salmon. I have herbs growing everywhere outside, all huge now grown with organic soil. Was wondering about the dill, not sure if its one I wanted to try but I know its awesome on salmon, just dont use it enough so I opted for mint and oregano this year because it comes up every year and no replanting… good luck with all your plants have a great weekend Joanne!~

    • At 2011.06.10 08:54, Joanne said:

      I didn’t realize oregano came up every year. We have mint all over the place – love it! I’ll have to get some oregano. Good to know. Thanks. 🙂

      • At 2011.06.10 07:47, Lisa said:

        I hope all goes well with your run tomorrow.. hope you aren’t in any pain! I loved that wine bottle… very cool!
        I am a movie nut and that one looks great, I smell popcorn!
        I love your little herb pots, very cute and yummy!
        Again, I hope tomorrow goes well!
        Take care,

        • At 2011.06.10 20:49, Lori said:

          Oh no on the hammies! Ugh! Hope it is just transient and not nagging.

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