Friendly Support and A Berry Good Breakfast

by Joanne on May 27, 2011

Ted and I kicked off the long weekend with a wonderful glass of Kendell-Jackson Chardonnay


The wine was given to me, just a couple of weeks ago, by my running friend Jim.  We held the Utica Road Runners membership meeting at my house and Jim said every host gets a bottle of wine.  I was thrilled because, well… you all KNOW how I love my wine!


Speaking of Jim, lets all wish him luck as he runs Boston’s Run to Remember this Memorial Day weekend.

Good Luck JIM!   – Anyone else running this race?

As for earlier this week, we were feeling F R U I T Y….

One seedless watermelon between two people sure does last a long time. This is what I’ve been doing with watermelon and berries for breakfast.

Blueberries and Watermelon


Oh the things you can do with fruit


Still playing


Z  o   o   o   o   m


And the blueberry is S T I L L standing


But seriously, that watermelon went a long way and when put with all sorts of other fruit


it was a great start to the day. What a way to energize!


Have you had SEEDLESS watermelon? Do you think there is any taste difference?  I didn’t think it had as much flavor, but then maybe it was just that particular melon.

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