Having Fun in Naples

by Joanne on May 10, 2011

On Saturday, we found out there was going to be a 5K race called Tropicool 5K.  It was about 2 miles from the resort to the starting line.  Sign up was from 6:30 and the race was to go off at 7:30 (although one site said 8 am).  I was beginning to get excited about it and thought of racing but told Ted I’d see if I woke up early enough and if I was in a race-ready mood in the morning. 

Sunday morning I woke up at 5:30 am, plenty of time to get ready for the race but couldn’t get my body out of bed.  This is proof that too much food and wine is not conducive to a successful road race.  Especially since you can’t even make it to the start.  Instead of the 5K, we got up late and headed to the pool for 30 or more laps.  We found a pull buoy and made good use of that to break up the free stroke laps.

Breakfast was made from the items scored from Saturday’s grocery run, less beer and wine of course.  Our plans were determined over breakfast which resulted in the intention to head out on the bikes. No destination in mind, just peddle until we decided to hit the beach (swim suits were with us) or head back for a Sunday afternoon meal.  We left at 10:30, made a stop to do some bird watching


then the beach scene (didn’t hit the water),


another stop for some mango and raspberry iced tea, then headed home.  It was a 3 hour ride under hot sun.  We were wiped out.  One other stop I forgot to mention was at a Natural Foods Store where we found some Kashi bars to help our heavy legs peddle home.

Afternoon feast at Bonefish Grill

What a meal!  I’ve been wanting to visit the chain “Bonefish Grill” for a long time but have never had the opportunity.  Sunday was my day.   It was more than expected.  We enjoyed delish bread, an appetizer of seasoned Edamame.  Crisp, cool garden salads with herb vinaigrette and Danish Bleu crumbles.  Two dinner specials of the most delicious fish.  Mine was stuffed sea bass with a side of haricots verts, zucchini with tomatoes and onions. 



We had fun eating the salty but very tasty edamame because we were popping those little soy beans right out of their pods, scrapping our teeth along the tough pod to get every last bit of the flavorful seasoning.



We were even lucky enough to get the Mother’s Day gifts of Lindt truffles and a $10. off card for our next visit.  SCORE!

3:45 pm and we were both spent.  The ride, the sun, the huge meals had finally gotten to us.  Ted watched the golf and I sat on the deck typing my recount of the day.  So far, vacationing is pretty darned exhausting. 

Our trip continues…


We discovered 3rd Street. It was more suited to our tastes than 5th. The restaurants, the boutiques, were all our style.

DSC00169 DSC00170

Delicious bread at Tommy Bahamas.  I had a ZERO Special Mojito. It was no alcohol (because I had a massage scheduled later in the day and didn’t want to sleep through it), with lime, mint and I asked that it be made with soda water instead of sugary lemon-lime soda.  AMAZING and REFRESHING!



Just small bites for lunch then I went for a deep tissue and Ted went for a bike ride along the shore.

My Massage. 

I get a massage on a monthly basis at home.  One little rule I have, and we are all different so this is neither good nor bad just ME, is that I take off all clothing EXCEPT underwear.  I don’t know. I just think if I were a massage therapist, would I really want people taking off their skivvies? 

I was led into the spa, filled out the form and barely had 5 minutes before “Anna” came in and let me choose my massage oil.  I picked “FRESH”.  It smelled wonderful but the arnica that I had her rub on sore muscles kind of overwhelmed the Fresh.  Anyway, Anna said to me “You have everything off?  I said “Yes, except my underwear of course”.  Her eyes flew open and she said “OH NO. This will work wonders on the hips. Take them off”.  And so I did. Then wondered… W H Y did I remove my underwear so willingly and without question? Was I really THAT EASY?!!! (Ted says no).  Winking smile  But Anna…well she said …..”You’re EASY to work on”. 

The massage was 80 minutes of heaven.  Anna stretched and massaged and worked the knots out.  I didn’t want it to end. 

More Eating and Dipping.

More eating on 3rd at Campiello Ristorante.  We enjoyed wine at the bar and MEGA CHIPS!


Ted discovered a new brew he liked. It was a dark Italian beer that wasn’t over carbonated.


More delicious eats: fresh salads, mouth watering tuna, a beef stew that was cooked in red wine for up to 9 hours. Ted said it was the best ever.

DSC00179 DSC00181

Check out these gorgeous bone handle knives




A 2 mile walk home and STRAIGHT in the pool.




A perfect night.

It was tough to wake up and run but we did. At 7:30 am and 85 deg. or more with the sun beating down and no breeze, we ran 5.65 miles.Guess what we did after THAT run?


Ted’s sucking down the Powerade for electrolytes.

Followed by a trip down lazy river.



And now we are off again to explore and enjoy. 

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  • At 2011.05.10 12:16, Heather said:

    Joanne, what a fabulous trip!! I’m super jealous!

    • At 2011.05.10 12:38, Nancy Jean said:

      Hi guys! Your stuffed sea bass looked outrageously good, no doubt made even more so ’cause I’m working thru lunch today. What a terrific trip, just enough exercise to keep your energy level up yet still relaxing. Such great shots of the two of you … the pool area looks incredible. And hey, bring Anna back with you! 🙂

      • At 2011.05.10 14:18, Sam & Sue Scialdone said:

        Wow Joanne, taking off your underwear, we better talk. lol Sam

        • At 2011.05.11 02:33, The Green Girl said:

          Sounds like taking it all off was well worth it!

          • At 2011.05.11 17:51, Bela said:

            We were suppose to go to Bonefish when were in Florida but never made it there. Glad you had a fabulous meal there. Loving all your vacation pics, looks like you two are having a wonderful time!

            • At 2011.05.12 20:34, High Heels & Good Meals said:

              What a wonderful blog! You’re trip looked like tons of fun and all the food looked delicious!

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