Miles on the Mill and Swordfish Fingers with Salsa Dip

by Joanne on February 1, 2011

Determined to make up for yesterdays “Oh to heck with it” attitude, I was on the treadmill early so I could pound out a long run. The weather looks horrendous for running outside.  That is until the later part of the week and I don’t want to wait until Thursday to get any longer run in since the 10K is on Saturday and I’d like to be as fresh as possible for it. The race has quite a challenging hill. Here’s the profile on mapmyrun if interested:   Beer & Chili Run, 10K.

As for today, 15 miles were accomplished on the treadmill.  2 w/u miles + 8 at MP + 1.25 to cool down.  Shane and I went out for an additional 3.75 miles(to make it a nice round no.) outside.  It was just beginning to snow. Kind of nice out there if it wasn’t for the COLD.


Homemade swordfish fingers aka fish sticks.  Van De Kamps doesn’t hold a fish finger candle to your own homemade dinner/snack/SUPER BOWL food.

Super Bowl food?  Of course!  This is a great recipe for your Super Bowl party.  The recommended fish of choice is swordfish.  You can buy swordfish to please the non-meat eaters as well as the meat eater.   Swordfish has a  meaty texture and mild flavor which is why it’s so popular.  As if it’s great taste wasn’t enough, it offers a low-fat, low-calorie choice for health-conscious Super Bowl party attendees.  As your team rips down the field and scores yet ANOTHER touch down, you’ll be glad your heart is in good health during such exciting times.  Swordfish will reinforce that healthy heart by providing omega-3 fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals.   Most important with this dish is the salsa for dipping.  Pace Salsa samples were sent out by Foodbuzz so we could create a recipe to enjoy while watching the Super Bowl.   This recipe isn’t JUST for the Super Bowl. It will prove to be a weekly favorite.


This is the first recipe I came up with.  The second one tomorrow.


Serves 2  (Double or Triple or  X-times for the amount of people at your party)

  1. 1 lb of swordfish (2 steaks) – trip the skin off the end .
  2. 1/2 cup 100% whole wheat flour
  3. 1 tsp salt
  4. 1/2 tsp pepper
  5. 1 tsp Italian Seasoning
  6. 2 egg whites – slightly beaten
  7. 1/2  to 3/4 cup Pace Salsa

Cut the fish into fingers about 3/4 to 1 inch width.

Combine the flour and seasonings. 

Heat a grill pan on your stove top over medium high heat.  Slightly coat with canola oil.

Dip the fish in the egg white then coat with the four-seasoning mix.

Grill on the stovetop for approx. 3 minutes per side or until cooked through.


Enjoy with salsa on the top, side and some where in between. Winking smile


May the best team win!!!

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  • At 2011.02.01 07:34, Joanne said:

    15 miles on the TREADMILL! I am seriously impressed. I can’t even run on a treadmill anymore. It’s outside or no-go.

    I love how you spruced up fish sticks by using swordfish! Good stuff.

    • At 2011.02.01 09:21, Joanne said: was 11.2 on the mill and the rest outside with Shane. But believe me, the 11.2 seemed like a lot more than what it was. That last mile did me in. BORING!

      • At 2011.02.01 08:36, the dawn said:

        way to stay ahead of the storm! and 15 miles in the morning? impressive! should be a run 10k this weekend.

        • At 2011.02.01 09:22, Joanne said:

          I really like getting the long run on sched. out of the way. Then I can actually look forward to the rest of my runs for the week. Not sure why that is???

          • At 2011.02.01 09:35, HEather said:

            I think I would love any race with beer and chili at the end – I’m assuming this is what they’re providing? Who doesn’t love chili at 9am? 🙂

            • At 2011.02.01 11:05, Joanne said:

              Ha! So True. The race is at 10 so by the time it’s over, we’ll be ready for chili AND …they have vegetarian chili as well!

              • At 2011.02.01 12:03, Ashley @ Thefitacademic said:

                Yum! I just made my own fish fingers the other day, too! good luck on your entry!

                • At 2011.02.01 19:44, Joanne said:

                  You know – never gave it a thought about making my own “fingers” until now. All these years of cooking. Who knew?! They’re easy, tasty and great for a party. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

                  • At 2011.02.01 14:53, Juliana said:

                    WOW, 15 miles on the treadmill? That is amazing…as for the swordfish with the salsa, it look delicious and so healthy 🙂

                    • At 2011.02.01 19:45, Joanne said:

                      Not quite 15 on the mill: 11.2 Finished off the run with the Shane. 🙂

                      • At 2011.02.01 16:28, Lisa said:

                        wow – your photos are gorgeous!!!

                        • At 2011.02.01 19:45, Joanne said:

                          Thank you Lisa.

                          • At 2011.02.01 23:46, Monet said:

                            I only wish I got invited to Super Bowl parties that served yummy food like this! Swordfish is one of our favorite gifts from the sea. Thank you for sharing with me, my sweet friend. I hope you are staying safe and warm. It is even too cold in my part of the country…and I’m in Austin!

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