The Bread Bakers Assemble: Kansas Day 1

by Joanne on October 14, 2010

On the plane(s): 

We went UP from Syracuse and DOWN to LaGuardia.  UP from LaGuardia and DOWN to Dallas/Ft.Worth.  UP from Dallas/Ft. Worth and DOWN to Kansas.  All that up and down had my head spinning since I’m fighting a cold bug. 

We ate a quick lunch at D/Ft.:   TOFUSION


at UFood Grill.  I like the theme, although due to extreme hunger, pretty much anything would have worked for me at that point.


Being so famished from only an apple, banana and yogurt since the early am, the tofu, veggies and rice went down in a flash. 

We arrived in Kansas just before 3 pm.  Gilly, one of the event judges, picked us up and provided a mini tour around town, focusing on K-State, home of the Wild Cats and Aggie Ville, the local place to eat, drink, shop and be merry.  A very cute Kansas small town.

Never miss a chance to run…

As soon as Ted and I were in the room and unpacked, a swim suit went on one of us and running shoes and shorts went on the other. Guess who did what?  I was able to sneak in a 30 minute treadmill run before dinner. It felt good after sitting since 4 AM this morning.

Dinner time…

The group for the competition (look for my name in the list) assembled for dinner.  We dined at Little Apple Brewery. 


Ted sampled a couple of the micro brews (the one below is the Oktoberfest) and I stayed true to form with a Yellow Tail Chardonnay.


There was a “getting to know you” session where everyone stood up and introduced themselves.  We have only a few students competing.  There seem to be quite a few contestants in the Breakfast section (that’s me!).  Competitors are from all over the U.S, from New York to California.

Dinner was quite good. We had a large salad bar with all the best from fresh lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, fresh beets, broccoli, coleslaw, red kidney beans, chick peas, fruits (melons and berries), cottage cheese and so much more. 

Dinner was a choice of Top Sirloin, Porterhouse Pork Chop (Ted said it was very good), Grilled Chicken breast (it looked like they were serving HUGE chicken breast portions), and Pan-Seared Salmon Fillet.   

The Salmon Fillet was Atlantic Salmon, pan seared and served with a  roast red pepper pesto cream.  We were expecting a red cream, but green worked…


It was a very good dinner with a friendly crowd.  There were previous winners among us, coming back for more.  There were more newbies, like myself, venturing into unknown territory for the first time. 

Tomorrow offers a full schedule beginning at 8:30 am when we leave for AIB International. 

Interrupting the chain of thought….Ironically, four of my baking certifications came from the AIB:  Science of Baking (in 2003), Applied Baking Technology in Cake and Sweet Goods (5/13/04), Ingredient Technology (3/12/04), and Foundations (1/19/04). 

There will be a speech offering an overview of California raisin growing and the state of the California raisin industry.  We will have a session on understanding Bakers Percentages and Formula Calculations.  There will be a discussion regarding unique ingredient combinations to use with raisins in baked goods.  By 3 pm, and following a pre-lab orientation, those of us who need to do prep work will be allowed 3 hours of lab time. 

Nail biting commence!  More to come…stay tuned…


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  • At 2010.10.14 23:41, Monet said:

    I’m sending good vibes and healing thoughts your way. Thanks for taking us along with you on this adventure…it is so exciting, and I know you are going to do great! Rest up tonight, traveling that much can be exhausting. And keep getting your runs in 🙂

    • At 2010.10.15 08:47, Joanne said:

      Thanks Monet. You’re too sweet.

      • At 2010.10.15 06:11, Sue Scialdone said:

        It all sounds very interesting and fun. Keep an open mind and enjoy the experience. What a great opportunity!! I’m so excited for you.

        • At 2010.10.15 08:48, Joanne said:

          Thanks Sue. Wish you were here with me like 2 weeks ago.

          • At 2010.10.15 07:32, Heather said:

            Keeping my fingers crossed for you – good luck!!

            • At 2010.10.15 08:48, Joanne said:

              That means a lot. Thank you so much.

              • At 2010.10.15 10:05, nancy jean said:

                Love that you’re already sending us notes on what’s going on … makes us feel like part of your entourage! Sounds like the folks in charge are quite welcoming. No reason for nail biting; have fun w/it and you’ll do fabulously. Try to tune everybody else out and just focus on youre lovely little Morning Glories. Hope you were able to get a good rest last night, and enjoy the day!!

                • At 2010.10.15 11:42, Lori (Finding Radiance) said:

                  How exciting! Sending positive baking thoughts your way.

                  • At 2010.10.15 13:41, Amanda @ bakingwithoutabox said:

                    No nail biting. All you need is good rest and health to shine on your morning buns! You’re going to do great. Sending hopes your way.

                    • At 2010.10.15 13:50, Anne@ Food Loving Polar Bear said:

                      Good luck, I have all my fingers AND toes crossed for you here in Finland 🙂

                      • At 2010.10.17 13:43, Sonia (foodiesleuth) said:

                        Just read this first post and haven’t peeked to see how its going for Saturday….
                        Keeping my finders crossed for you…and hope your sniffles are better!

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