Chocolate with Francois: Honey Saffron Tart

by Joanne on September 30, 2010

This is an interesting baking group.  We use a book by Francois Payard and it’s all about chocolate.  The recipes are not for the faint of heart.  They are challenging. 

This month, the pick was made by Asthe of Astheroshe-Accro. Make sure to visit her site for the recipe if you want to give this one a try.

There were three taste testers at our house: myself, Ted, and Richard (Ted’s brother and the family choco-holic).

I did make the Chocolate Chiboust this time however, because it called for gelatin which is not vegetarian friendly I substituted Xanthan Gum and over did it.  The Chiboust resulted in a very thick pudding-like topping.  It was passable but nothing any of the three of us could rave about.

The saffron apples and the custard were perfect.  In fact, we would have enjoyed this tart without the topping.  To take that one step further, simply saffron apples and ice cream would have made us all happy….yes, even our choco-holic. 


The wonderful saffron and honey glazed apples


A light custard middle…


topped with a chocolate chiboust


We did enjoy the tart but as I said, the chocolate flavor was not as pronounced as we would have liked.   Even though I messed this recipe up, all plates were returned to the kitchen completely cleaned.  Not even a crumb.




Good pick, Asthe.  I’ll use the saffron fruit and the custard recipe again for sure.  Maybe I should practice more with Francois’ fancy chocolate recipes?  I’ll get it right one of these times..


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  • At 2010.09.30 18:48, Monet said:

    Saffron fruit sounds so amazing…I’m sorry that the recipe wasn’t perfection, but it sounds like it was still enjoyed by all! I think the best part of baking is the constant learning process a chef/baker undergoes. We are always trying new recipes and techniques, learning what we do and do not like. Thanks for sharing Joanne!

    • At 2010.10.01 06:39, astheroshe said:

      Great JOB! Jo! I did not use the chocolate, because i too thought it was overkill. Why top such a nice simple tart? I completely changed the recipe from it’s original state .. I made the pastry cream saffron flavored, and flavored the apples with brandy ! LOL.. check it out 🙂

      • At 2010.10.01 20:47, Julie said:

        Great job! Thanks for baking! I’ve been so bad but seems like something is always getting in the way. Looking forward to the next few recipes, not as difficult.

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