Project Food Blog: Define Yourself

by Joanne on September 16, 2010

If you scroll down the page, you will see a new widget on my blog: Foodbuzz Contestant. Voting opens 6am PT September 20 – 6pm PT September 23.

The first challenge: How do I define myself as a food blogger and why would I be a good candidate for the next food blog star? 

I wonder, should I treat this as a resume?  No, that’s much too “job like”.  I’m going to have fun with this one and lets just see if you like it. I hope you will.

Defining Joanne in relation to food blogging and a food blog star…. 

 Unending curiosity about all things food:


My library of cookbooks, how to’s, and chef’s life stories is endless.  Can we ever REALLY know enough about food?!

 Creating new recipes and making them healthy and nutritious, most of the time*.

*I enjoy making cakes and cookies and sometimes, Apple Crumbles (aka ME!) has a fall from grace.  Everyone needs a cheat day right?

Healthy:  low fat, low sodium, whole foods (few to none processed ingredients).


Nutritious:  vitamin and mineral rich, filling the body with essential nutrients for energy, disease fighting ability, and muscle rebuilding. 



Sports nutrition is of special interest. 

Fueling the body before, during, and after endurance competition.  


Running and Fitness. 

Sometimes I believe my passion for running is a way to escape fears or stress but maybe it’s simply a desire to see how much this body can achieve?  On October 3rd, 2010, I will run my first marathon. 


 Upbeat and Loving Life!


Nature.  So pure and simple.  It’s a gift we should cherish.  What’s not to love?

Confidence in my ability

There has been food failures.  A food failure is simply a challenge asking to be turned into a success. 

flop cake

 “Success is failure turned inside out.” 

 flop cake2 

More about this food blogger…

There is little doubt that a food blogger has a passion for food and that the blogger enjoys sharing this passion with other foodies. I can’t boast uniqueness in that department.  I wonder how many food bloggers get excited like a kid on a roller coaster ride


when playing the part of food connoisseur in restaurants


or when sipping fine wine on a wine tasting weekend? 


Creating recipes, enjoying good food and the way it’s presented have become this bloggers passion. 

Ornate dishes   


Plain dishes that just taste good


All things food…


That’s me.



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