Did I Run? and An Adventure in Greek Food

by Joanne on August 28, 2010

Did I run? Was the hamstring up for the challenge?  The answer: Yes.  It wasn’t a quality run but it was a run.  I walked-ran the first couple of miles then fell into a slow run for the remaining 5.  Total miles = 7.09. 

I used the thigh wrap and pulled the strap really tight.  Nothing more annoying than the thigh wrap making its way down your leg as you trot along.  I checked a couple of times to make sure my calf didn’t turn blue. Yes, I had it THAT tight. 

As I started down the road with Shane and tried to run.  That didn’t feel good at all. But then I walked fast and with a long stride which helped loosen the leg up.  The first mile was about half and half, walking-running.  The second mile was a bit more running, then it was all running.  We went around the business park.  A nice morning to run. What a shame I couldn’t be out there longer. Maybe tomorrow.

Greek Food

Symeon’s, the local restaurant offering foods in the Greek tradition.  Here is the MENU link.  It all sounds so good.

Ted and I arrived at Symeon’s on a whim.  We were seated immediately and served almost as quickly.

The decor is nothing fancy or cozy.  It’s open and bright.  The restaurant had quite a few open tables.

Ted began with an appetizer:

KREATOPITA = Ground beef sauteed onions and feta cheese wedged between layers of buttery filo pastry and baked to a golden brown.


I began with a fresh, crisp garden salad *That olive on the plate above is my contribution to Ted’s appetizer.  Sorry… Joanne doesn’t do olives.


My one complaint was that the fork was MAMMOTH!


Look at that thing! It’s longer than my pinky!  It was heavy as well.

Getting back to dinner, Ted had the

SOUVLAKI PLATTER Two generous skewers of marinated lamb and pork shish-ka-bob served over a Greek salad with yogurt sauce.


Ted said the flavors of olive oil, lemon and oregano were perfectly balanced in this dish of tender marinated meats.

I enjoyed the

  TILAPIA FLORENTINE  This mild white fish is stuffed with spinach and feta cheese topped with Symeon’s pita bread crumbs and baked with a taste of white wine Served with rice pilaf.


I typically associate “florentine” with Italian. Not sure why, maybe because the spinach is usually paired with a sharp, rich Italian cheese.  In this case, at Symeon’s, the pairing of spinach and feta was full of flavor.  The salty, tangy, yet smoothness of the Feta paired well with the spinach. 


It was very good. A little greasy but lots of flavor. I ate about 1/2 the fish and all of the spinach and feta stuffing.  Shane enjoyed the other half of the fish and the left over pilaf.

As a side dish, a grilled vegetable ka-bob was ordered.  Just the way I like my veggies. Perfect-O!


One of us couldn’t stop there.  ONE of us ordered the Praline dessert



Praline ice cream wrapped securely in a thick coat of dark chocolate.

It was a great meal.  The presentation wasn’t top priority at Symeons, taste and quality was.  Very good.

Do you enjoy Greek cuisine? What’s your favorite dish?


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  • At 2010.08.28 08:22, Lori (Finding Radiance) said:

    LOL – I don’t do olives either.

    That greek food looks yummy! I like gyros and souvlaki, but we don’t have many greek places around here to try.

    Glad your hammy was up for the run today.

    • At 2010.08.28 11:34, Katerina said:

      Hi, first time at your blog. It is beautiful. I am Greek and as such I eat Greek food most of the week days. I like Greek dishes that are not served in the States but we eat them a lot here, like cabbage dolmades or spanakorizo, or prassorizo or gemista. I know it’s all Greek to you. I like to cook not only Greek food but all types of cuisines. I loved your presentation of all the Greek dishes you tried at that restaurant.

      • At 2010.08.28 16:40, Monet said:

        I love greek cuisine, anything with pita bread and hummus makes me happy and my husband is a lover of all things olive. I have a strong distaste for large silverware…I prefer my forks and spoons small so that it takes longer for me to eat (more enjoyment!)

        • At 2010.08.28 18:24, Tammy said:

          I think anything with feta is worthy. I love the look of your tilapia. I love hummus too and Greek salads with loves of cucumbers and pepperoncini.

          • At 2010.08.28 20:28, Heather said:

            OMG, I don’t do olives either!!! No way.

            And those veggies look perfect! It’s very rare they come out looking like that at a restaurant.

            • At 2010.08.29 04:35, Anne@ Food Loving Polar Bear said:

              I love Greek cuisine, it’s so good! tzatziki, souvlaki, feta, olives…. mmmmmm!

              Your food looks absolutely wonderful!

              • At 2010.08.29 08:27, claudia lamascolo said:

                I never miss a trip to Symeons when I visit one of our favorites places and love lamb, and make it often here. You have me wishing for it now!~

                • At 2010.08.30 11:15, christina said:

                  i swear i was greek in another life. i LOVE greek food. mmmm

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