Long run surprise and new things

by Joanne on August 11, 2010

It was the first day that I have ever done a training run with someone else.  I was so excited.  Jen, a long time speedster and marathoner, was willing to run with me. She’s another loony who likes to run in the very early morning hours. 

I set out with Shane to do a quick run around MVCC at 3:50 am, just so the puppy wouldn’t feel left out.   Then I ran just under 5 miles to meet Jen. 

What a great run.  We ran about 4 1/2 miles together.  I set off towards home the usual way, down Genesee St. I had gone too far to quit so I made this my long run day of the week.  I went into the golf course from Oneida Street which meant I had to go up that steep hill by the graveyard. Tough! 

In Valley View, there was a guy running BAREFOOT with 3 dogs and one was a German Shepherd.  I had a quick chit-chat with him.  Great running with dogs .

Total miles = 20.14.   Day off on Thursday – Yippee!

Today’s run was really meaningful for a few reasons:  1. my first time doing a training run with a person-partner.  2.  with Jen, I ran at about race pace.  3.  I ran 9 miles yesterday instead of taking a rest day before a long run.   Such a day of running accomplishments!

New Protein Bar


Have you ever tried the Odwalla bars?  This one was a “SUPER PROTEIN”.  It boasts 14 grams of protein.  Other nutrition:  Energy=210.  Total Fat = 4.5 grams.  Total Carbs = 30 grams.

It was a soft bar but rich with fruit flavor.  It was good just not an all time favorite. Did you know Odwalla is owned by Coca-Cola Company?

Breakfast Switch

I swapped my usual oatmeal for millet once again.  The last time I made millet was right here.   It was good but I made it a bit too dry today.  I really do enjoy it as a change to the usual oats.


Since I’ve had millet before, it doesn’t count as new but what does is the super cute bowl I had it in.


A bowl from Maine Pottery.  It is adorable and fits into may hand like a dream.


Just in case you might be wondering about the protein of the morning, I had that in a wonderful chocolate-raspberry-blueberry shake



The best of all NEW THINGS…..


Dylan Michael. Born at 7:59 am on August 10, 2010.  7lbs 7 oz.  20 3/4 inches long.


Dylan is the beautiful son of my niece Stefanie.  Mom and Dad and baby boy are tired but doing amazingly well.

Babies are so beautiful. 

I asked Ted if we could have one.  He said…”Well, let me see.  How are we going to do that????”

Men! So silly

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  • At 2010.08.11 08:17, Heather said:

    Great job on your run! You’re up and at it so early!

    What a beautiful baby. Babies just make the world a better place…….. 🙂

    • At 2010.08.11 10:13, Joanne said:

      Thanks Heather. They sure do 🙂

      • At 2010.08.11 08:20, Sue Scialdone said:

        Beautiful pictures of Dylan and no surprise on how handsome he is, he has great genes!! Congrats to you too, Great Aunt Jo!!!

        • At 2010.08.11 10:14, Joanne said:

          🙂 He looks just like ME 😉

          • At 2010.08.11 09:12, dawn hutchins said:

            Girl you are crazy with your running! I wish I had that much energy!
            You are right…that IS a super cute bowl. We just made up some of Bob’s Hot Cereal and I thought that was a nice change too.
            What a cute baby! Congrats to the new parents.

            • At 2010.08.11 10:14, Joanne said:

              I love the bowl. It was the only one on sale which makes it even better.
              Thanks – I’ll send your congrats 🙂

              • At 2010.08.11 10:02, The Healthy Hostess said:

                What a great run! You go girl!! The baby is so adorable! How exciting! I need a running partner, that is so lucky you have one!

                • At 2010.08.11 10:15, Joanne said:

                  He’s a cutie. Perfect skin. Perfect fingers and toes…just 100% perfection!
                  It was nice to have a talking partner. Shane is a good runner but doesn’t hold a
                  conversation 😉

                  • At 2010.08.11 10:24, Lori (Finding Radiance) said:

                    What a sweet picture. Congratulations on being an auntie (great aunt?).

                    I remember when Odwalla was a local company in Boulder,CO. It’s amazing how companies get gobbled up when they have a good product.

                    • At 2010.08.11 13:48, Joanne said:

                      Great Aunt Jo. That’s me! 🙂

                      • At 2010.08.11 11:19, Amanda @ Bakingwithoutabox said:

                        Congrats Aunt Joanne! Such a precious little guy. Already flexing tiny biceps.

                        Great job on the run. I train with my husband to make myself go faster, but for long endurance runs, I sometimes prefer it to be just me, the tunes, and the roads. Then I have my running students who talk all through class. We cover TV shows, boys, books, clothes, all kinds of girl chat.

                        Love your four-legged running companion. My 7-lb little guy poops out really quickly but loves chasing down the apartment halls.

                        • At 2010.08.11 13:51, Joanne said:

                          Shane poops out but he never, ever gives up. Such a trooper.

                          • At 2010.08.11 11:39, Monet said:

                            Yay for baby Dylan! What a precious new gift. And congrats on your running accomplishments…so impressive love!

                            • At 2010.08.11 13:54, Joanne said:

                              Thank you

                              • At 2010.08.11 13:44, kilax said:

                                Dylan IS so beautiful!

                                I love running with friends. Are you planning to run together again.

                                And I LOVE Odwalla bars! YUM! Didn’t know they were owned by Coca-Cola, but not surprised.

                                • At 2010.08.11 13:56, Joanne said:

                                  I hope we can run again. Jen says she is running slower right now due to planters faciatus (sp???). Not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with her if she goes much faster. She is speedy.

                                  • At 2010.08.11 15:01, nancy jean said:

                                    CONGRATS to you, Great Aunt Jo — on both your running accomplishments and your new grandnephew! Boy, he is adorable! I don’t usually think newborns are all that cute. Best to Stephanie and the new grandparents, Sue & Sam – – and of course the newly-crowned Uncle!

                                    Wonderful that you had Jen to run with, and that it all worked so well for you.
                                    Twenty miles, with 9 yesterday is quite something! Enjoy your day of rest tomorrow.


                                    • At 2010.08.11 15:06, Efi@greekyogurt said:

                                      Congrats for the new baby! So beautiful I adore babies

                                      • At 2010.08.11 19:16, Angela said:

                                        Wow, great job on the run! I have never had Odwalla. I order Macro Bars from Amazon – my gym carries them too.

                                        • At 2010.08.11 19:24, AJH said:

                                          I don’t know about the Wine Glass Marathon. I am hopeful but by no means certain.

                                          You had a very good day. I am jealous! Good for you on so many counts.

                                          • At 2010.08.11 20:57, Molly said:

                                            great run, and the baby is a beauty.

                                            I think you might live in my neck of the woods, are you training for a marathon?

                                            • At 2010.08.11 21:38, Hannah said:

                                              Oh, what a beautiful baby boy! Congrats to you, and especially your niece! 🙂

                                              • At 2010.08.11 22:37, Katie H. said:

                                                Aw, such a sweet little baby! Awesome job on the run. I’ve tried the odwalla chocolate chip bar I think- it was pretty decent! When I ran the 15k last month there were a few guys that passed me running the whole thing barefoot. I thought it was neat!

                                                • At 2010.08.12 00:51, Gera @ Sweets Foods Blog said:

                                                  Run with another person can be more fun.. my problem is the opposite I run at night in general alone, but is preferable with some peers.
                                                  I don’t have here these bars but they looks superb.

                                                  Congratsssssssssss for Dylan!!! 🙂



                                                  • At 2010.08.12 10:37, christina said:

                                                    i’ve never had an odwalla bar. they look yummy though.

                                                    beautiful baby boy! that’s so exciting. babies are so precious 🙂

                                                    • At 2010.08.13 04:08, Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear said:

                                                      He’s so cute! I’ve never had a baby fever even thought almost all my friends have them 🙂

                                                      Your bowl is very cute too!

                                                      • At 2010.08.15 00:23, 45before35 said:

                                                        Wow – I am in awe of folks being able to run that long and have cute pottery.

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