Hip Hip Pooh Ray for STEF!

by Joanne on June 26, 2010


Stefanie’s Baby Shower Cake!

But first…..

The Looonnngggg run

This morning I got an early start because I wanted Shane to come with me for part of my long run.  It was cooler this morning so Shane had an easier run.  We did 7.13 miles then I continued on for another 7.87 miles.  Total 15 miles today. 46.85 total miles this week.

I had a banana with 1 TBS PB to fuel the run.  I took water with me plus some Sports Beans which I didn’t end up eating. It wasn’t warm enough and my sweating was only minimal.

From miles 1 to 7.13, Shane and I made two water stops.  Average pace = 9.51

I had a Cliff Shot (mocha flavor) when I took Shane back to the house, then immediately set out again for the rest of my run.  Stop time at the house, about 5 minutes.

Miles 7.14 to 15, I was on my own and had a sip of water when entering the golf course.   There were a lot of people out this morning, runners and walkers.  I followed two girls through the switchbacks until eventually passing them.  As I came out of the golf course I met up with the Boilermaker training group.  It was like being in a race, there were so many of them.  

I had some left foot pain when I started out today. The outside edge of my foot. Then it went away and during the last 1/2 mile, was back again.  As I pulled into the driveway the bottom of my foot began hurting.  I’ll see how it feels as the day progresses. Not sure I need to tell the trainer at this point.

Average pace during the second half of my run, 9.34. 



My niece has her baby shower today.  We know it’s a boy and his name is Dylan.  Stefanie is due on August 10th.  Her theme is Winnie The PoohCould ya tell?!

I finished decorating this cake last night which of course was Friday Happy Hour at our house. Ted was playing golf so, as much as I hate to admit it, I drank ALONE….


This was a wonderful Chardonnay and it really helped me decorate the cake.     In case you’re wondering, the wine was not the reason for the bee flying in a hap-hazard pattern. 


Stef wanted a chocolate cannoli cake.  It’s a chocolate cake with cannoli filling.  A butter cream frosting tops the cake. 


My sister decided on the wording.  So cute! 


Congratulations Stef and Dane, Dylan is on his way.

Like cake?  More tomorrow for Josh’s graduation.  Sorry Bonnie, no chocolate overload this time, only cake.     

What’s your all time favorite cake, filling and frosting? or….do you prefer pies?


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  • At 2010.06.26 08:38, Bela said:

    15 miles, that is great! And that Pooh cake is adorable! I am a vanilla fan and not a big frosting fan. I would rather have a yummy apple pie or mixed berry pie over cake but it would need a little bit of vanilla ice cream on the side 😉

    • At 2010.06.26 17:34, Joanne said:

      I’m more of a pecan or pumpkin pie lover. Oh Wait! Kentucky Derby Pie…to die for!

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        • At 2010.06.26 09:29, pegasuslegend said:

          Man I don’t know where you get your energy or inspiration from so envious that is totally awesome! god bless you 🙂

          • At 2010.06.26 17:36, Joanne said:

            My energy comes from my dad. He is a non-stop person as well. It’s not always a blessing since trying to relax can sometimes be exhausting!

            • At 2010.06.26 11:01, Monet said:

              Joanne, You are a cake decorating queen! Really, it is beautiful. I loved carrot cake with cream cheese frosting…we served it at our wedding and it was delightful.

              • At 2010.06.26 17:37, Joanne said:

                One of my favorites is Carrot Cake. My recipe on the side bar which includes pineapple is superb!

                • At 2010.06.26 12:20, Mary said:

                  Your cake is adorable!! Can I ask, what recipe do you use for the cannoli filling?

                  • At 2010.06.26 17:44, Joanne said:

                    The filling is 32 oz ricotta cheese, 8 oz cream cheese (soft), 1 tsp vanilla extract, (sometimes I will add 1 tsp of grated orange peel) 1 cup confect. sugar 1/4 cup mini choc. chips

                    Beat ricotta and creamn cheese and grated orange peel if using. Add the confectioners sugar and vanilla and continue beating until smooth. Stir in gently the mini chips.

                    If I don’t have time to make it, I will buy it from Broad Street Cash and Carry.

                    • At 2010.06.26 15:03, ChocolateCoatedRunner said:

                      What a pretty pooh cake. & Good Job on your long run! That’s a good pace


                      • At 2010.06.26 17:44, Joanne said:


                        • At 2010.06.26 15:55, Liz said:

                          That cake turned out great! It’s so adorable 🙂

                          • At 2010.06.26 17:44, Joanne said:

                            Thanks, Liz

                            • At 2010.06.28 09:56, Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear said:

                              I LOVE your Winnie the Pooh cake, it’s so pretty!

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