Don’t Burn the Tuna Burgers

by Joanne on June 25, 2010

Back track to Thursday:

Thursday morning’s run was exhausting for Shane.  It wasn’t a long run, we did an easy 5.7 but the temperature was a humid 73 F.  Both Shane and I are cold weather runners.  Before the run, back and triceps were worked using the cables and dumbbells.  Shane slept through the weight workout, lucky dog!

Thursday night, BIKE NIGHT:

We had a group ride, 27.75 miles then group PIZZA PARTY! 


YAY PIZZA!  And beer!   

DSC01483 DSC01485

What fun!  The eating pizza that is, as for the bike ride, long…. hot….windy….hilly.  I’m still trying to appreciate the grueling effort and the sore butt associated with these rides.  I must admit that tonight was easier keeping up than on previous rides.

DSC01482 DSC01484

I look the happiest when the ride is over.   The pup was a guest at our pizza party. The owners are members of the club and brought their cute little pit bull to the party.  He is a 3 year old rescue dog and loves to be around people. 

I was feeling a little more caught up at work by Thursday.  Although the stress of it all finally raised it’s ugly head in horrible indigestion Thursday afternoon.  The heart burn could have been caused by the left over burnt tuna burger I had at lunch but I prefer to believe it was work induced. 


Using a large can of tuna and a couple of Egg-Lands Best eggs, we had a good, healthy, quick-fix dinner, in spite of it being a bit charred.  I had my burger on top of broccoli slaw with snap peas and sesame seeds on the side. Ted had his with half a whole wheat bun. It was a BIG bun but you’ll have to take my word for it because he was eating it before I could snap a shot.


  • 12 oz can Tuna, drained well
  • 1 green bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 stick celery, chopped
  • 8 grape tomatoes, chopped
  • 2 Egg-land Best Eggs
  • 2 oz fresh Mozzarella cheese, chopped
  • 2 TBS cocktail sauce
  • 1 TBS zesty honey mustard
  • 3/4 cup Panko crumbs
  • 1 TBS Safflower oil
  • 1 tsp toasted sesame oil

Mix all the above in a glass mixing bowl. 

Preheat oven to 350 F.

Heat a griddle pan on high and add the oils.  When hot, add 1/4 cup of the tuna mix then shape into a patty and press down. Do this for approximately 10  more patties, but do not crowd your pan.  You will have to do 2 to 3 lots of patties. *You need to keep the patties small. This makes them easier to handle because they will break up.

Cook for about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes per side.  Remove to a foil lined pan (Reynold’s non-stick foil) and put into the oven for 8-10 minutes. NOTE:  I reduce the cooking time on the stove because, as you can see, at 3 minutes, I burnt my burgers!


Check out that Mootzie!


I usually add a little Parmesan to any burger I make.  Using the Mozzarella was an interesting change of pace.  It was a nice little cheesy surprise in the middle of a “Charlie” burger.


Do you add cheese to your burger (meat or other protein)  mixture?


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  • At 2010.06.25 07:36, pegasuslegend said:

    great recipe and love the surprise of that cheese, its always the icing on the cake for me love cheese!!!

    • At 2010.06.25 11:09, Joanne said:

      I’m getting more and more cheesy. I love it.

      • At 2010.06.25 09:55, Lori (Finding Radiance) said:

        It took me a good year before I was really comfortable with long distance bike riding. Last summer the rides were a lot harder than they are now. Hills are just hard anyway, those don’t get easier LOL!

        I love cheese on my burgers. Any kind, blue cheese, cheddar, muenster, yum! Although, I don’t care for cheese and tuna together….

        • At 2010.06.25 11:10, Joanne said:

          I’ve heard before that a lot of people don’t enjoy shrimp and cheese. The moots was so mild, it just added a little bit of niceness to the burger.

          As for cycling, I do hills pretty good but not wind.

          • At 2010.06.25 11:02, Dawn Hutchins said:

            Burnt or not they still look so good my stomach is growling. I like to add goat cheese or some low fat American cheese.

            • At 2010.06.25 11:11, Joanne said:

              I’m with you on the goat cheese. One of my favorites.

              • At 2010.06.25 11:13, Monet said:

                What a lovely tuna burger…and as others have mentioned…I love that cheese. I also thought your pizza looked quite scrumptious!

                • At 2010.06.25 15:46, Joanne said:

                  Did you realize that pizza is a breakfast staple when in college 😉 … and then we grow up and think healthy 🙁

                  • At 2010.06.25 12:06, Nancy Jean said:

                    Boy, could I go for one of those right now!! Love that you added cheese .. I do like the idea of the goat cheese too. I never thought I’d like cheese with tuna, but once I tried it – -YUM! I like to add swiss to my tuna sandwiches, on toast of course ’cause I have a texture problem.

                    Happy Weekend!

                    p.s. Joanne, I do have to work tomorrow from 9-5 but I shall stop by to see you all on my lunch hour.

                    • At 2010.06.25 15:46, Joanne said:

                      Swiss works for me!
                      See you for then on Sat. Nancy. So glad you’ll be able to stop in.

                      • At 2010.06.25 13:03, kalli@fitandfortysomething said:

                        you are doing so great on these thursday night rides-yahoo!

                        • At 2010.06.25 15:47, Joanne said:

                          That’s what the group keep saying to me. I think they’re surprised everytime I show up now.

                          • At 2010.06.25 17:05, Bonnie said:

                            Where is that pizza from, And was it as fabulous as it looks?

                            • At 2010.06.25 20:43, Kristina said:

                              This looks DIVINE! I love that it is so creative and totally heathy!! can you overnight ship to my house please thanks

                              • At 2010.06.25 21:34, Tammy McLeod said:

                                These tuna patties actually remind me of my youth. We used to eat something like that though not nearly so colorful as yours. I’m going to make these next week! Thanks.

                                • At 2010.06.26 06:48, Lindsay said:

                                  I love pit bulls. They get such a bad rap sometimes. 🙁 Honey mustard sounds like a great addition into this recipe!

                                  • At 2010.06.28 09:56, Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear said:

                                    Pizza and beer YAY! burgers with cheese double YAY! 😀

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