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by Joanne on June 13, 2010

In the paper today were the results of the Nate Title Town 5K Race.  They only listed the top men and women finishers. I STILL don’t know my finishing time.  The end result of this race  could be treated like one of those movies where the ending could go however you want it to:  She achieves a PR or She falls short of even beating her last finishing time. Stay tuned. There could be a sequel.

run girl

This morning the three of us did the Valley View Golf Course walk for 4.35 miles.  It was still wet although not falling from the sky and the temperature still low at 63 F.    Then we went for a breakfast bike ride and rode some 22 miles.   LOVE Cyclemeter! AND you can follow them on Twitter!  Here are our Cyclemeter stats:


As hard as I peddled, just couldn’t break that average speed and get over 14.  It’s not getting any easier.  Maybe that’s because of all the hills around here…


The route was from the Apple Crumbles home to breakfast at Creekside.

We met the ladies to discuss Stef’s baby shower.   Ted’s initial response when asked to go was “Why do I have to sit with the lady’s club?”   He decided to go, enjoy the food, mainly because he wanted to ride the bike. 

It was 5.34 miles to breakfast and the bike ride continued from there.  There was nothing easy about the ride.  Body temperature stayed just right, not too hot nor cold.  We only felt a couple drops of rain.  The thought still remains as to whether this bike riding is for me or not.


Sunday chores have to be done as well as some baking since we will be away next weekend.

Cakes, cookies, REAL food…you name it, it’s going on in this kitchen today.  Who ever said Sunday was a day to relax?!


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  • At 2010.06.13 16:54, runnerforever said:

    That is so annoying that they haven’t posted full results.
    Have fun cooking today!

    • At 2010.06.13 18:17, Monet said:

      Yeah for cakes and cookies! I hope you have a great afternoon baking

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