A Day in the South Plus

by Joanne on May 26, 2010

Beginning with today….

This morning was a 4 mile run for 38 minutes.  A bit faster than yesterday.  Ted was ready for cycling when Shane and I returned home so it was hip-hop right onto the bike.  I did manage to have half of a protein energy bar before leaving on the bike coupled with 1/2 a glass of water.


It was a bit rainy but we managed 20 miles against strong wind. 


We had just crossed CRAZY 17, the busy highway in Myrtle Beach.  The rest of the route was mild traffic. 


We rode to the beach. The tide was in and it looked stormy. 


The guys were busy fishing along the bridge.  We watched as one of them worked the catch in.

We didn’t go quite as far as we originally planned because it began raining again and we were both getting a little tired.  Our necks were sore and certain fingers were numb.   It was a quick ride home for a good breakfast of omelets and fruit.  There were no falls from getting into sand, we were really careful about that today.

As for the rest of the day… Lunch with Mum and Dad and then, we play it by ear.


A day of warm weather but a balancing breeze.  We walked along the beach and played in the waves. Since Shane was nipping at the waves and consequently swallowed all that salt water, we took a walk to wait for the “inevitable”. 


The “inevitable” didn’t happen until we were on the way home in the car but luckily, I know my dog and said “TED! Pull over!”  It was just in time for all that salt water to be put back on the grounds of South Carolina.  Now Shane was fine. 

Did you know salt is one of the things to give your dog if he/she ingests a toxic substance?  It makes him/her vomit.  SorryNow I want to talk about food and that certainly wasn’t a very good opener. 

The rest of the day:

Ted went to play golf with my dad and my mother and I took off for lunch at The Spring House.


My mother chose the fruit platter with a ham steak, tomatoes, and cottage cheese. She ate about 2 grapes, 1 tsp of cottage cheese, 1 slice of watermelon and 3 slices of cantaloupe.  The rest came home. I certainly don’t get my appetite from my mother.


I had the Mediterranean Greek Salad with grilled shrimp.


It was then off to find a swim suit. No luck .  I had to drop Mum off at home then high tail it out again.  Found 2 suits and a wrap.  They were more, okay, A LOT MORE money than I wanted to spend but I’m hoping to get some serious swimming in for the fall or winter so the suits will be used and it will be money well spent.

Dinner was my mothers choice and this is what I made:  Sausage Potato Salad with Grilled Summer Squash – Serves 4 *I used Morning Star Farms Vegetarian Sausage patties for my dinner.



  • 6 small red potatoes – boil for 20 minutes (skin on), rinse with cold water – let cool.
  • 6 cups of salad greens
  • 1 red pepper, sliced
  • 1 lb Italian Turkey Sausages – cook in 1 TBS olive oil, covered (turning once) for 15 minutes over medium heat, until no longer pink in the middle. *Or use Morning Star Sausage Patties –Vegetarian. If only doing a vegetarian salad for one, use 2 patties and reduce other ingredients accordingly
  • 1/2 large red onion, sliced
  • 4 TBS sun dried tomatoes in oil, sliced
  • 1 TBS olive oil
  • 1/2 of a small zucchini – sliced
  • 1/2 of a small yellow squash- sliced
  • 4 large basil leaves, shredded
  • 4 TBS balsamic vinegar
  • 4 tsp tomato paste
  • 6 TBS olive oil
  • pinch salt and pepper

Cook your potatoes as directed above and let cool and then slice.  Cook the sausage as directed above and let cool and then slice.

In 1 TBS of olive oil over medium heat in a sauté pan, add the squash (yellow and zucchini). Sauté until browned. *You may cook your vegetarian sausage at this point as well.  Let cool.

In a large platter, add the salad greens.  Top with the red pepper, the red onion, the sliced potato, the sliced sausages, add the cooked squash slices then top with the sun dried tomatoes and basil leave shreds.

Mix together all the dressing ingredients and pour all over the salad. ENJOY!



There is a lot of flavor in this dinner salad. It is complete with your greens, healthy protein, carbohydrates and fat.




What does your favorite salad include? or…are you not a salad eater?

About last night….


After dinner, we explored the “bar row” in Murrell’s inlet.  A photo of us and the BIG FISH.

Our final destination and the loudest hoopla, was the DEAD DOG where the Bil Krauss show was going on.  He was very good, entertaining, funny and he also plays in Key West, FL.



I wasn’t feeling “winey” so I chose an old favorite…. BLUE MOON.


We sat at the side of the bar, overlooking the water.


Ted watched the Lakers vs.. Phoenix game but we didn’t quite make it until the end so he never found out who won.

In the meantime, I tried taking our photo with extended arms…


Ted was a bit better at it than I was… we kind of look like Martians …..


Now its off to do some wash, grab a Starbucks and check into work. 

See ya soon!


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    • At 2010.05.26 16:13, Lindsay said:

      Looks like you guys are having a blast! Thanks for the tip about salt. Peroxide works the same way. My friend’s dog ate an entire container of chocolate frosting and the vet said to give him a cap of peroxide. Yep..it totally worked.
      .-= Lindsay´s last blog ..And The Story Continues =-.

      • At 2010.05.27 10:02, Joanne said:

        I’ve heard about peroxide as well. hopefully I never have to use it. Shane is better about eating strange things now that he’s a bit older.

        • At 2010.05.26 17:21, Gera @ SweetsFoodsBlog said:

          Great training: running and bike, you’re ready for at least, a duathlon.

          Great greek salad and such wonderful tasty complete journey 🙂

          All the best,

          .-= Gera @ SweetsFoodsBlog´s last blog ..Sweet Dessert Recipes for Picnic =-.

          • At 2010.05.27 10:03, Joanne said:

            Thanks Gera. There’s a duathlon coming up but I don’t think it’s for me.

            • At 2010.05.26 19:55, Bela said:

              Looks like a great time. Enjoy!
              .-= Bela´s last blog ..Back From My Trip Over The Border =-.

              • At 2010.05.27 10:03, Joanne said:


                • At 2010.05.26 21:30, runnerforever said:

                  I love your energy, a run followed by a long bike, you must be doing something right!
                  .-= runnerforever´s last blog ..Happy Spot? =-.

                  • At 2010.05.27 10:03, Joanne said:

                    I try 🙂

                    • At 2010.05.27 07:36, Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear said:

                      Mediterranean Greek salad with shrimp sounds awesome, I’m totally craving seafood now!
                      .-= Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear´s last blog ..Full Fat or Low Fat? =-.

                      • At 2010.05.27 10:04, Joanne said:

                        It’s so fresh right by the ocean. I’m sure Finland has awesome seafood.

                        • At 2010.05.27 17:10, Robin/Orlando Turtle Runner said:

                          Looks like a GREAT time in SC! Enjoy! Love the pics. Food looks really yummy… and yes, I LOVE salad – all the time!! I recently switched from romaine to baby spinach mixed w/ a little romaine, tomatoes, chickpeas, avocado, egg whites, black beans, cilantro… whatever else sounds good and is healthy, maybe a pinch of shredded LF cheese. I really like Morning Star products, too. 🙂
                          HUGS from Orlando!
                          .-= Robin/Orlando Turtle Runner´s last blog ..The Bucket List: Running-Style =-.

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