A day of touring

by Joanne on May 22, 2010

What great day. We began by picking up my shirt and number for tomorrows race.


We were lucky to arrive at the Brewery early for the tour because, with all the Porsche members that arrived, parking was pretty scarce.


We were broken up into 3 tour groups since there were about 75 of us.  Let the fun begin.  F.X. Matt Brewery:

DSC01207 DSC01211

DSC01212 DSC01215

DSC01216 DSC01218


DSC01221 DSC01226

DSC01222 DSC01224


The Summer Pale Ale was light and refreshing. Like an English Shandy.  Ted ended up finishing both beers but I did taste.  The Pom. Wheat was a bit too “beerish” for me.  I like my wine!

The root beer, although it is famous for being so good, wasn’t my style. I’m not a soda drinker so this tasted especially sweet (syrupy) to me.

We chatted about cars and then it was off to see the great Rosenblum Collection.


I don’t have any photos of the collection to show you since Alan Rosenblum specifically requests that no one post photos on the public sites.   I don’t want to upset any “apple carts” so I won’t be posting any photos other than the one earlier today which I found from the Hudson Valley club when they toured The Rosenblum collection a month ago.


We had a MUCH bigger group.  The cars were amazing.  There was actually a “Spaster” car.  That would be a sports car that was made into a spa.  Remove the cover and what you see is a small Jacuzzi.  Pretty cool.  It was filled with water and was complete with a bottle of wine in the back.

On the upper level, there was a pool table and gorgeous sitting room overlooking the collection.  The chandelier was custom made from Meyda Tiffany.  There was a cafe style kitchen and a complete, fully stocked bar.  We even had munchies!


That’s the only photo I believe I can show you – it’s a foodie shot so I would guess it’s ok.  Oh! There were donut holes on the bar…remember, Alan and Granny’s Kitchens go together

Aston Martins, Jaguars, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Bugatti, Mercedes, Porsche…OMG…what other classic, $$$$$ cars can you think of?  They were all there. From the very, very old to the fairly new.  The entire facility, even the  BATHROOMS, represented Alan’s love for his collection.  The ash trays were tires and little Michelin men.  I could go on and on.

Earlier today, I mentioned that we would eat at Piggy Pats. Well that didn’t happen. By the time we were done at the collection, it was 1:30 and Ted had a 2:45 tee time.  Sorry – not Piggy food to review.  But I do have my pre-race dinner.


I kept it fairly bland.  Organic Brown Rice Spiral Pasta sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and parsley.


I had 3 servings of this.  Carb loading!!!

Sautéed vegetables with a little olive oil, hint of lime soy sauce, salt and pepper.


Baked fresh haddock.   The haddock was drizzled with lemon juice, sprinkled with salt and pepper, parsley, basic, gluten free-wheat free bread crumbs and baked at 425 for 10 minutes. 


Now I’m going to pack for S.C. and lay out my running clothes for tomorrow.  The CNYEats recipe of the week will be posted on Monday since we will still be driving South.  I already made it and it is SO good. Watch for it.  Hope to offer a recap of the race before leaving tomorrow.

Wine? Beer? Liquor? Soda?  What’s your poison?


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    • At 2010.05.22 19:43, pegasuslegend said:

      Wow that haddock looks wonderful.. We had a horrible dinner at Packeys in Washington Mills never again, order their haddock and greens omg it was so spoiled…..wished I had this to eat it looks marvelous! Plus the pasta oh wow….next time we have to hook up for sure! you know how to cook and where to eat!!!! love it
      .-= pegasuslegend´s last blog ..Italian Utica/Rome Upstate NY Greens Sauteed Escarole Recipe =-.

      • At 2010.05.22 20:20, Joanne said:

        I love to cook for people. Don’t wait too long.
        As for Packy’s, we had a bad dinner there about 2 years ago and didn’t go back until about a month ago. It wasn’t that bad actually. I guess it’s a “hit or miss” kind of place. Certainly not the restaurant I’d recommend for out of town visitors. It would be Chesterfields all the way. next time….

        • At 2010.05.22 21:17, Lori (Finding Radiance) said:

          I loves me some microbrews! Never cared much for wine.

          Good luck tomorrow – you’ll do great!
          .-= Lori (Finding Radiance)´s last blog ..Metric Century Ride =-.

          • At 2010.05.23 07:27, Dawn Hutchin said:

            Lately for me it’s been wine. Beer is so filling and I used to be a liquor drinker but I find it doesn’t sit well any more. Good luck in the race!
            .-= Dawn Hutchin´s last blog ..Already a Successful Weekend =-.

            • At 2010.05.23 11:06, Hannah said:

              What fun! I know absolutely nothing about brewing beer, but it’s still a fascinating concept. Nifty to get such an in-depth tour of a factory.
              .-= Hannah´s last blog ..Every Bird Gets Their Day… =-.

              • At 2010.05.25 02:51, Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear said:

                I like my wine too.. and an occassional cocktail. Prerably a strawberry margarita or mojito 🙂
                .-= Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear´s last blog ..Lobster Spaghetti =-.

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