The Carbo-Load

by Joanne on April 21, 2010

It was touch and go with the scheduled long run today.  After the cross training yesterday, my right hamstring kept “pinging” me.  I grabbed the hamstring support and took it with me  just incase I had to put it on during my run.

Pre run fuel at an embarrassingly early hour in the morning, 3 hours before exercise (believe it or not, I naturally wake up to eat this   – no alarm needed:

1/2 of a Sprouted wheat bagel with 1 TBS peanut butter.

Doesn’t taste good when your eyes are closed and you are munching in your sleep.  I went back to bed.  When the alarm went off and it was run time, I took some water, a handful of raisins and down I went.  After 1 hour, I had an energy gel (icky-GU-poooh!) washing it down with lots of water.  Then it was time to finish up 7 miles outside with Shane.  I took an E-Drenaline.

It was a good run.  My hamstring turned out ok.  It was a little painful for the first 2 1/2 miles but I ran through it.  The feet were fine, only getting a little achy at about 15 miles.  Over all body check: Good. Total miles 18 on the nose. My longest run yetAverage pace 9.27.  I’m making progress

It feels like I’m starting fresh when I get off the treadmill and go outside into the cold morning air. The first 4 miles outside, we went through the parks and over the trails.  The last 3 miles were road miles and those were a bit boring and tiring. I won’t even discuss treadmill miles.  It’s best if you just close your eyes and try to sleep through them.

Post Run Breakfast:

1/4 cup Steel cut oatmeal cooked with 3/4 to 1 cup of water, 1/2 a banana, raisins, cinnamon, and I stirred in 1 TBS almond butter at the end.

Mixed berries turns my everyday oatmeal into a burst of delightful fruity freshness.


Look at the specks of cinnamon…yummmmmm


The other day we had our family riggie fest.  I saved some of the whole wheat penne, cooked with nothing on it to add to my week day lunch. Then I had a cooking brain fart:  Why not make a carbo-loaded, all natural side? Only 5 ingredients and one of them is the cooking olive oil.  The balance is very heavy carb loaded with a super balance between protein and fat.  Remember the 40-30-30 balance?  This is more like 70-15-15, so you really have to watch what you might pair with it, if anything.  This is a great side dish to have a day or two before a long run.


The Carbo Patty – a runners snack

The recipe will serve 6 and offers 308 calories per patty. 13 g protein. 54 g carbohydrates (with only 2 g of sugar). 6 g fat.  9 g fiber.

  • 1 TBS olive oil
  • 1 cup Whole wheat penne pasta (or other whole wheat pasta) cooked
  • 8.5 oz can creamed style corn
  • 15 oz black beans – drain and rinse
  • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese

Heat the 1 TBS of oil in a pan on medium heat. 

Chop the pasta into small pieces so you can easily blend it with the other ingredients.


In a food processor add the corn and black beans. 

Stir together the pasta, corn/bean mix, and the cheese. 


Drop by large spoonfuls (making 6 – 8 servings) into the preheated pan with oil.  Cook in the heated oil on medium heat for about 5 to 6 minutes per side. Top with salsa, or mustard or enjoy plain.  


Since this is so high in carbohydrates, I would eat these with my lunchtime salad since I prefer to get the majority of my daily carbohydrates earlier in the day rather than at dinner time.

Don’t forget the GIVEAWAY:  $35.00 towards great stuff.

Whole wheat or plain pasta, what’s your favorite?


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    • At 2010.04.21 09:26, kalli@fitandfortysomething said:

      you are truly hard core Joanne! you put us all to shame for sure……what a great run and what a great average pace. i have a feeling the cake will be here today-can’t wait!
      oh and about pasta….i love them all 🙂
      .-= kalli@fitandfortysomething´s last blog ..I Could Get the Bug =-.

      • At 2010.04.21 14:10, Joanne said:

        I love to have a goal in mind otherwise exercise can get boring.

        • At 2010.04.21 11:13, Lori (Finding Radiance) said:

          Wow – 18 miles! You are ready for a marathon. When is it?
          .-= Lori (Finding Radiance)´s last blog ..A wee bit of lifting =-.

          • At 2010.04.21 14:11, Joanne said:

            I have my mind set on one of two in October. But we’ll see. That 18 was pretty hard while running it. It was only easy after I finished 😉

            • At 2010.04.21 13:12, Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear said:

              I love all pasta, but my recent love has been spinach pasta or egg pasta 🙂
              .-= Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear´s last blog ..Early Bird =-.

              • At 2010.04.21 14:12, Joanne said:

                My favorite is plain old durum or semolina wheat pasta (can’t remember which they use).

                • At 2010.04.21 14:39, Nancy Jean said:

                  “I’m making progress” – – wow, I’ll say! You’ve done incredibly well, as it was pretty much just a short time ago that you decided to begin working towards a long run. And terrific average overall … YOU GO GIRL!

                  • At 2010.04.21 15:39, Joanne said:

                    Thanks Nancy. I’m waiting for the day you want to come with me.

                    • At 2010.04.21 14:45, ShutupandRun said:

                      Okay I was worried when I saw the spoofuls, but the end product patty looks SO good. I’ll have to try it. Nice work on the 18 miler.
                      .-= ShutupandRun´s last blog ..Training Your Mind and Drymax Sock Review =-.

                      • At 2010.04.21 15:40, Joanne said:

                        LOL – I know EXACTLY what you thought when you saw that spoonful of black bean mash. 😉

                        • At 2010.04.21 15:37, Gera @ SweetsFoodsBlog said:

                          This is a long distance! You need a lot of run fuel, the gorgeous pasta recipe more the colorful mixed berries are perfect for my training also!


                          .-= Gera @ SweetsFoodsBlog´s last blog ..Giveaway: Win 100 Brochures to Promote Your Blog, Business or Services – April 2010 =-.

                          • At 2010.04.21 15:40, Joanne said:

                            Thanks, Gera

                            • At 2010.04.21 19:49, Goodie Girl said:

                              Awesome blog! I actually love sprout bread. I top mine with Almond & Roasted Flax Seed Butter. Then I have this incredible green drink for breakfast which includes a banana, almond milk, a scoop of greens, some matcha, almond butter, a scoop of vanilla soy protein, a dash of honey and ice! YUMMY!

                              • At 2010.04.22 06:43, kilax said:

                                Great job on your 18-miler!!! 🙂
                                .-= kilax´s last blog ..Tips on staying neutral? =-.

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