A GIVEAWAY Bar Accessories Needed

by Joanne on April 20, 2010

The worst thing happened the other day. I’m always in a rush and I will never, EVER learn that bad things happen when I’m in a rush. 

I was taking a photo of wine


when the plaque you see behind those glasses suddenly scooted forward knocking the glasses off the shelf.  That would have been a minor catastrophe if I had been at our bar. 


But I was in the eating area where the NEW CARPET had been installed about a month ago. Oh yeah.  You guessed it.  All over the carpet.  Luckily there is a pattern and the pattern has wine colored flowers but still   .  Ted and I spent an hour scrubbing the carpet.


This little tale of woe brings me to the point of this blog:  A GIVEAWAY!  AN   A M A Z I N G   giveaway.   Everything you ever wanted for your bar area. Here is the link:  BAR FURNITURE   Don’t be fooled by the name. This site has everything, not just bar stools. 

Full Barrel Cabinet with Casters

They have offered you guys a $35.00 Promo Code off ANYTHING at the site.  Take a look.  The winner will be picked on Friday afternoon.   All you have to do is

1.  Visit the site.  BAR FURNITURE.

2.  Leave me a comment below simply stating that you found something you like on their site.

3.  For an extra opportunity to win, let someone else know about the giveaway and then come on back, leave another comment to tell me so.

Good Luck! 

Do you enjoy entertaining in your home?


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