Will the fun never end

by Joanne on March 21, 2010

What a full day I had Saturday. Phew!   Love those kind of days.  Before I tell you all about my good times, I’ll bore you with my morning exercise, my day off actually. 

Ted’s foot was hurting him from golfing yesterday.  He skipped out on our walk this morning. Shane and I did a 4.72 mile walk around the Proctor Parks and then stopped to play Frisbee in the soccer field.  It was a nice, quiet morning and I think…yes, I actually do believe this morning’s walk and Frisbee toss created a hungry and tired doggy.  Thank goodness!

Saturday:  I have so many photos so I’ll spare you a lot of nonsensical ramblings.

As I hopped in the Jeep to go grocery shopping yesterday, it dawned on me that the annual “Come To The Table” event was going on at Hart’s Hill Inn, Whitesboro NY.  This event is presented by The Peacemaker Program.  There are 40 original table designs created by local individuals and auctioned to benefit children, families, and the community.  I thought I’d stop by, offer my $5.o0 admission, and peruse the artistic presentations.

DSC00748  DSC00751

DSC00757 DSC00756

DSC00760 DSC00759

DSC00764 DSC00765


As of 2:10 yesterday, I was STILL the highest bidder. Unfortunately, I never got a call so someone out bid me.

DSC00780 DSC00777

DSC00778 DSC00779

DSC00790 DSC00791

DSC00804 DSC00805 DSC00806

DSC00813 DSC00812

The following was the most interesting…be on the look out for …..THE WORM!

DSC00815 DSC00818



So I didn’t win any of the 3 tables I bid on, but there is always next year. Even if you don’t bid, the creativity of each table is outstanding and is something to see.  There was so many more photos I wanted to share but ….only so much blog space.  You may be able to see the tables still on the Peacemaker site.

Saturday night with friends.  Again, our fun filled night in photos. 


I’ve decided I don’t like buffets.  My food is cold (because I HAVE to eat my salad first) and there is very little for a vegetarian to eat to make the price worth while.  In fact, last night I wondered what a Gluten Free Vegetarian would have had for dinner?  Salad?  That was the only item offered they would be able to eat. 

DSC00821 Pasta, Eggplant Parm., and a roll.

DSC00822 I took 2 salads and put them on one plate.

When we got home at 10: 30 pm, I ate too many nuts and raisins and felt ill.  Live and learn.

BUT… the night was well worth attending because we had a great time with friends.

The band members put their walkers and canes by the side of the stage (only kidding) and proceeded to blast out some great music.  The tottering band leader (there I go again), Sal Alberico, was really good.


Next up was the tribute to “Old Blue Eyes”.  I’m not a fan of Frankie, but I do like his “New York, New York”.


Everyone at our table was watching this spectator as she shook her finger, swung her food, bobbed her head and pretty much brought down the dance floor from her chair.


In the company of friends. The food not so good.  The talks and laughs a lot of fun.

It was also Jackie’s birthday (yay for FACEBOOK!).  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JACKIE!

DSC00825 DSC00827

DSC00834 DSC00836


The above photo is Ted and I flash dancing.  No, not really.  The camera went off before I was ready but I thought it looked kind of cool.

Happy Sunday!


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  • At 2010.03.21 11:42, kalli@fitandfortysomething said:

    what a fun filled day and night!
    it is always nice to get out and enjoy time with friends 🙂
    those tables look amazing….hee hee on the worm theme.
    Have a great Sunday!
    .-= kalli@fitandfortysomething´s last blog ..TGIT =-.

    • At 2010.03.21 13:34, Joanne said:

      Kalli: We did have fun. Wasn’t the worm wild?! Eeewwww!

      • At 2010.03.21 21:19, Chaya said:

        It’s nice to get out, like that. I related, not for me but for hubby, to having only a salad to eat. He is not a vegetarian but breaded chicken or something made in a pan that had flour limits him, almost as much,as you. It is always interesting.

        As you got across. It is not the food but the friends. Hey, we are foodies. What are we saying?
        .-= Chaya´s last blog ..How to make rice perfect each time! =-.

        • At 2010.03.21 23:11, kristy said:

          Sounds like you had a marvellous time! Thanks so much for sharing all those wonderful photos.
          .-= kristy´s last blog ..Stir Fried Black Pepper Chicken With Wine =-.

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