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by Joanne on February 27, 2010

Shane started whining at 5:15 am.  That’s not fair on a Saturday morning!  I was awake and decided, rather than lay there listening to  him whine, I would get up and out the door.

We went for a 5.3 mile recovery run.  As we went along James St., I glanced to my left into a driveway.  There was a skunk making its way towards the road.  He saw us as I saw him.  He stopped, turned, and lifted his tail.  I zipped to the other side of the road.  Even though “Pepe LePew” lifted his tail, there was no odor so I guess he didn’t give us a warning shot.  Thank goodness. There are quite a number of things that I really don’t enjoy running into in the morning and a skunk is one of them.


Jake’s Deli & Pub

Last night, Ted and I decided to try Jake’s Deli & Pub on Commercial Drive.  Jake’s is located next to the Harley Davidson Store at 4866 Commercial Drive, Utica, NY. 


It’s a casual eatery with a few twists.  It has a fire place in the corner to the right, facing the order counter.  In that same corner, it has a band set up for music on Saturday nights.  The decor just doesn’t offer hints of fireplaces or live bands. Surprise! 


The menu is casual fare at low prices.


They even had RICE BALLS on the menu. I was tempted to try them since they had a meat and meatless (spinach) version.  The waitress said they were “awesome”.   Ted and I denied our desires and just had a glass of wine. SutterHome Chardonnay and Cabernet. I didn’t even know SutterHome had a Chard?!  It makes sense since they are one of the largest family run wineries.


Jake’s was  a pleasant experience. It’s a shame there wasn’t music Friday night but there is tonight. If you’re local, give Jake’s a try. A very friendly wait staff and great prices.  It  doesn’t offer the comfortable chairs and relaxing atmosphere of a “sitting room” style pub, but there is plenty of food to satisfy appetites.


What’s your favorite night to dine out? Do you have a favorite meal you like to order?

Quick Movie ReviewSerious Moonlight  with Meg Ryan (love her) and Timothy Hutton.  It was a good movie. Nothing to run out and rent immediately.  It kept us entertained with a few laughs.  The language is severe in some places, it’s rated R. 


The husband (Timothy Hutton) announces he is going to leave his wife (Meg Ryan) and is in love with someone else.  Meg decides he isn’t going to leave her and holds him captive until he agrees to work on saving their marriage of 13 years.   Cute, lightly amusing, a good ending.

And the rest of Saturday?  I have a massage at 10 AM. Can’t wait!  My body needs it.  This week it has put in 35.5 miles not counting skiing and walking.  A good rub is definitely needed. Then it’s off to grocery shop.  I enjoy grocery shopping. In fact, I really love ALL types of shopping.     And you?


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  • At 2010.02.27 09:03, Joanne said:

    I’m a pretty big fan of having Fridays be eating out night. There’s just something about a Friday that screams go out and relax.

    I don’t even remember that Meg Ryan movie being in theaters! I’m pretty sure I live under a rock.
    .-= Joanne´s last blog ..Southwestern Focaccia Pizza with Poblanos and Blue Cheese – HBinFive =-.

    • At 2010.02.27 17:36, Joanne said:

      I love my Friday’s out. I SO look forward to them. Wine and dine – YAY!
      .-= Joanne´s last blog ..Happy Pistachio Day =-.

      • At 2010.02.27 19:24, kalli@fitandfortysomething said:

        I love going out on the weekends and love any kind of food.

        So funny but scary about shane! Dogs and skunks do not mix!

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