Happy Pistachio Day

by Joanne on February 26, 2010

Exercise recap:   I ran my personal distance best = 13.45 miles.  The treadmill portion had to be long today because we were hit with so much snow.  I knew the Utica streets wouldn’t be clear so I went for as long as I possibly could. That was 11 miles at 9:40 pace.  At that point, Shane and I went outside to finish the last two miles.  It was deep and where the snow wasn’t deep it was slick.  I had 2 falls and tried to stay in the tracks of any car which had made its own path through the snow.  That made the going slow.  Two falls and 2.45 miles later at a jogging pace of 12.3, we made it home to play ball in the deep, DEEP snow. 


 I wasn’t unhappy with my run because I felt good and knew if the conditions were clear, I would have maintained the 9.4 pace for the entire 13.45 miles.

Running Trivia according to the Runners World 2010 Calendar:  “In 2007, Jeanne Stawiecki finished the Antartica Marathon.  She set a Guinness World Record for women competing in a marathon on all 7 continents in the shortest period of time, 14 days.  WOW!

 What about Pistachios?

Is it an official day to celebrate?  I guess so if you love pistachios. 


Actually, the pistachio is a very healthy nut and should be celebrated.  See my link on Examiner for more information.

Here is a terrific appetizer that is all about the pistachio.


A Savory Recipe:  Pistachio Stuffed Mushroom Caps – about 12 small caps

  • 6 oz Crimini Mushrooms – peeled, gills and stems removed. Set stems aside for use later in the recipe


  • 5.5 oz Spreadable Goat Cheese
  • 3 Oil packed Sun Dried Tomatoes
  • 2 Seedless Dates, chopped small
  • 2 TBS shelled, roasted pistachios – chopped


  • 1 Basil leaf, chopped
  • 1 sprig oregano, chop the leaves
  • Half of the stems removed from the mushroom caps above, chopped small

Preheat the oven to 350 F.

After preparing the mushroom caps, place in a single layer in a baking dish.

In a bowl, mix cheese, tomatoes, dates, pistachios, basil, oregano and mushroom stems.  Stuff each mushroom cap with the goat cheese mixture and put into the preheated oven for 15 minutes.  Serve hot for a perfect appetizer!




What is your favorite nut?  That’s not WHO is your favorite nut, although if you want to share that with us, go right ahead   🙂


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  • At 2010.02.26 07:17, denise @ quickies on the dinner table said:

    Those look gorgeous! Love the green of the pistachios. If I had to choose one nut, I’d say almonds – they’re so versatile and I love their scent and subtle, creamy taste.
    .-= denise @ quickies on the dinner table´s last blog ..just pointing in the general direction =-.

    • At 2010.02.26 08:28, Joanne said:

      Denise: Oh wow! love your description of the almond. Thanks!

      • At 2010.02.26 08:59, kalli@fitandfortysomething said:

        Love your pic of Shane in the snow…..brings back memories of my rottie in the snow : (. Miss him.
        I think my favorite nut would have to be almond. Love almond mild, almond butter etc….
        Have a great day and weekend oh and great job with the run!
        .-= kalli@fitandfortysomething´s last blog ..Good Eats =-.

        • At 2010.02.26 11:59, Lori (Finding Radiance) said:

          Running in the snow scares me! Of course, we have way too much traffic for me to run in the road (busy street). This was my first winter on a treadmill, and it hasn’t been too bad, but I miss running outside.

          My favorite nut is always the cashew, even though it technically is a drupe 🙂

          Pistachios are awesome as well. I just love nuts and nut butters!

          • At 2010.02.26 14:37, aron said:

            walnuts!!! but i have recently started to LOVE pistachios – YUM. also LOVE almonds!
            .-= aron´s last blog ..friday favorites – iFitness belt =-.

            • At 2010.02.26 15:15, Joanne said:

              Kalli: I love Rotties. They are so big but my heart was stolen by German Shepherds when it came down to getting a puppy. Go almonds! 🙂

              Lori: Cashews are great. Love the flavor and love the whole ones. My Mom’s all time favorite nut.

              Aron: Walnuts are suppose to be the best for my blood type. But I ignore that and usually opt for almonds. Trying to stay true, I do mix in walnuts with the rest of the snackable bunch.

              • At 2010.02.26 17:46, kilax said:

                Oh gosh, I tried to run int he snow today too! One mile took me 12.5 minutes, so I went back home to the sidewalk. Great PDR!

                My favorite nut is the peanut. Most tree nuts give me headaches. Sad 🙁
                .-= kilax´s last blog ..Friday Question #102 =-.

                • At 2010.02.26 17:46, Jolene (www.everydayfoodie.ca) said:

                  Those stuffed mushrooms look absolutely AMAZING!!! And your pictures are fabulous!

                  My favourite nut is probably hazelnuts, or pistachios.

                  • At 2010.02.26 21:18, Joanne said:

                    Kilax: Crazy to try to run in the snow like we had today. Oh well…we tried, right?! Intersting about tree nuts. Allergies?

                    Jolene: Thanks. Oh yeah! the hazelnut. another favorite.

                    • At 2010.02.26 21:51, Hannah said:

                      Aw man, I wish I had known earlier that it was pistachio day! They’re quite possibly my favorite nut. Just love those tasty green gems!

                      • At 2010.02.26 23:19, Pam (@ TotalHealthCounseling) said:

                        Great job on your long run!!
                        That is a lot of snow, looks like Shane enjoyed it!
                        My favorite nuts are almonds and I especially love almond butter, goes great on oatmeal 🙂

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