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by Joanne on February 20, 2010

My hamstring was so sore all day Friday.  When I woke up this morning, it didn’t feel bad at all. But then we hit the deep snow….later in this post.  We’ll start with Friday night recap.

Friday night, Ted and I went to Woods Valley to snow board and ski.


It was better than snow boarding for me and I think after Ted saw how easy it was, he was  thinking he should convert.  First of all, I took a lessen since I have only been one other time.  There was a group of 12, mostly young kids.  There was only one other adult.  I didn’t fall once. But things got interesting when we had to get on the lift.


One little girl was scared to death to get on the lift. The instructors paired her with me who was also a bit skeptical about getting off once we got to the top.  However, once in the air, I said to her “Now you have to help me off because I heard you say you had done this beforeLittle Girl: “ONCE!  I don’t know what to do!”  Me:  “I bet you do.  We’ll be fine because those two in front of us look like they know what they’re doing and we are going to copy them”.   The lift came to an end and instead of putting my hands on my knees like they told us to, I supported the little girl who was a bit wobbly.  We both made it without falling. YAY!  It wasn’t pretty, but at least we didn’t stop the lift like the two that followed us did.  HA!

Another little kid experience:   We broke into two groups.  While waiting to begin our decent,and standing in the “pizza V” position (this in important because you have to imagine the open gap in my skis while facing down hill.  Skis in an upside down V)  all of a sudden I hear a little yell “AHHHHH!”  then a young boy appears between my legs. HELLO!  I was laughing and he kept saying “I’m sorry” “I’m sorry”.  The instructor said “I got him.”    Then the instructor had to convince him to get up and get down the hill. It was slow going.  Another young kid saw the littlest one in our group sliding down the hill on his bottom and he yelled “LOOK! He’s on a LUGE!”   That got me laughing even more.  That young kid (with the sense of humor) and I took off and went skiing down the slope without the rest of the class. We had a good conversation and more fun than waiting for everyone else.


I’m in no hurry to go again even though it was fun with no spills. 


When in Rome….

We stopped at Teddy’s in Rome, NY.  We had heard about Teddy’s because they won one of our local “Riggie” contests. 

DSC00471 DSC00473 DSC00475 DSC00489


Thirsty and craving our happy hour quaffs, we had a healthy brewski and a Sutter Home Chardonnay (so they don’t offer my type of wine but it hit the spot)


We enjoyed a fresh garden salad, crispy and warm bread, Teddy’s greens (no meat-capicola)


I had the special, Frutti Di Mare (over steamed broccoli, no pasta) and Ted had the Chicken Riggies (Ted has a favorite riggie dish and unfortunately, Teddy’s wasn’t it)


DSC00478 DSC00483

Ted being true to Utica (born and raised) said he preferred Utica Greens.  The greens were not as cheesy as what we get in Utica. They had good flavor and were not riddled with bread crumbs. I enjoyed them but would have preferred more cheese, less garlic, and more hot cherry pepper chunks (didn’t find one).



The lighting was perfect over our table. We don’t often see these types of bulbs but more restaurants should use them because there is no obnoxious glare.


After the lighting analysis  🙂  ,  a good cup of JAVA was in order

DSC00492 It was homeward bound to watch about 1/2 hour of the Olympics before falling asleep in front of the TV.  It was a long day. 

BUT…….Saturday morning, up at 6:15 am and out the door with “Fur Face” aka SHANE,

DSC00497 We enjoyed a 4.85 mile stroll around the Parks which we had to ourselves.  Heading down Culver….


Making it to the deserted park


Someone had climbed the steep steps which were blanketed in snow..

DSC00499 DSC00500

My hamstring felt pretty good. That was until we hit some really deep snow and I felt it kind of “ping”.  Luckily, there was a snow mobile trail that packed the snow in places and I was able to get some relief by walking along that path. 

We made it home in an hour fifteen minutes.  Good beginning to a great Saturday.


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  • At 2010.02.20 11:31, kalli@fitandfortysomething said:

    what an exciting friday night! the food looks great-the skiing looks fun. i miss skiing! and i love your pics of the park-very pretty. glad your hamstring feels better!
    have a good day!

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