Flossing Issues

by Joanne on February 13, 2010

Today’s run was 10.08 miles.  I could have done without that extra .08 because it was an uncomfortable and arduous run. 

Shane and I set out at 5:40 am.  It was 7 degrees.  I wasn’t going to run 10 miles on the dreadmill so we wrapped up and ventured out.  I took water with me for Shane’s sake.  We went down Culver Ave and ended up going across Eagle St.  We went up Mohawk towards the Parkway and then to Utica College.  At UC, we stopped for water.  This is when the run turned bad. I took my gloves off. Shane was getting frosty feet.  He took only a couple of sips of water.  My hands were so cold with my gloves off  that putting the water container back into my pocket took about 2 minutes.  Getting my gloves back on with frosty fingers was no easy task either. 

The Garmin decided it was low on battery time.  My hands just wouldn’t warm up.  Shane seemed happy to be turning for home.  At the 8 mile mark, I had icicles on my eyelashes.  When I looked at Shane his chin and around his mouth had formed about 2” icicles.  It was a long trek home but we made it.   I got Shane in a nice warm shower, fed him a full breakfast with Ted’s left over Chicken Daniele from last nights meal…


As soon as we arrived home, I inhaled a delicious, crisp and sweet apple.  For breakfast, I had a wonderful Egg Beater omelet to refuel.  It was made up of 3/4 cup Egg Beaters, left over greens (mostly the hot cherry peppers), broccoli florets, asparagus pieces, and a handful of spinach.  Feta cheese and Pomegranate Black Bean Chipotle Salsa to top it off. A piece of black rice bread on the side.



Speaking of last night, it was another fantastic meal at one of our favorites: Daniele’s Valley View:


We just eked in for the end of happy hour.  Neither one of us could finish two glasses of wine. But had fun trying.


Wonderful, hot cherry pepper loaded greens.


The freshest tasting Sushi grade tuna ever imaginable.  It was coated in a mustard peppercorn spicy crust, seated on a bed of whole pea risotto, and drizzled with a light champagne cream sauce.  On the side were sugared strawberries.  Amazing how all those flavors came together but still maintained their individuality in the dish.


Tuna always, without fail, gets in my teeth.  As I stood in the bathroom flossing my teeth, I thought how much healthier it is to engage in flossing.   Then I thought of something horrible.  What if I didn’t floss and brushing didn’t get all those dinner orts out of my mouth?  Would that be the same as leaving a tiny piece of tuna on a table in 92 degree weather for, let’s say, 3 days?  GROSS!   That is completely unhealthy.  No wonder flossing can increase your life span!

Merely inculcating the flossing routine into daily routine could increase one’s life span by a year. A well-identified fact is the apparent association in between gum diseases and cardiovascular ailments. When one flosses regularly it is the best step one could take at curbing this onset.”  Source: Simple Health Guide

Our internal body temperature is about 98.6 degrees.  Our oral temperature is about 92 to 100 degrees F.  If you don’t floss, here is a thought for you:  What about all those tiny bits of food particles wedged between your teeth (and gums) that might just stay there for days.   They are being exposed to a moist, warm environment. Would you eat food that had been left out in that environment?  Flossing helps to promote good health, good oral hygiene, and the people you talk to (really close) will thank you for it. 

For more flossing information and a TERRIFIC apple crumbles recipe for vegetarian Nutty French Toast, see this link.

Next up:  A book review.  It’s a diet book …OH NO! you say?   That’s what I said but there are some terrific recipes and I just couldn’t resist sharing them with you. Stay tuned, and if you are interested after reading the review, let me know.  I just might send you this book.  It’s called “The O2 Diet” by Keri Glassman, RD.  Here is a review from WebMD

Five Grain Pilaf


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    That sounds like my Tuesday run – also 7 degrees with frozen lashes. It took me a long time to heat back up!

    I love to floss 🙂

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