I’ve Got a Spurtle

by Joanne on February 10, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, one of my favorite guys in the whole world showed up at work and said … (I LOVE these words)…”One for you”.    It was the UPS man!  AHHHHH!   I got a package!


I knew immediately who it was from.  My friends at Bob’s Red Mill.  They sent me some Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats, my absolute weekday breakfast favorite.

bobs steel cut

That wasn’t all. In the box was a Spurtle.   I had never heard of such a thing!


A Spurtle is a traditional Scottish porridge stirring stick used to stir the oats as they softened in the pot.


Since I KNEW you’d want to know more, here it is:  THE SPURTLE.

Another plus in the box was the recipe for Oregon Orchard Oats Brulee.  That will be on my to-do list.  For now, here is my standard recipe for weekday oats.










Most people enjoy their oats a lot creamier than I do.  If you’re one of them, add some fat free milk to oats just before simmering.  You can also add a TBS of yogurt after the oats are cooked.

If you like sweeter oats:  A sprinkle of brown sugar on top.  Agave syrup, maple syrup, or honey (1 tsp).  Personally, if I’m feeling a need for sweeter oats, I add 1 TBS natural peanut butter.

The morning routine which made me SO deserving of that wonderful bowl of healthy oats was:
60 minute treadmill run. I couldn’t bring myself to run outside in the cold that early.

23 minutes shoulder workout with cable machine and weights. Abs in between sets.

3.55 mile jog with Shane. 

I hope to make the CEimB recipe tonight for posting tomorrow but we are still moving furniture and packing away dishes and ornaments for the carpet installation tomorrow.  It’s a lot more work than we bargained for.  The floor is installed and Shane doesn’t like it.  He wants his carpet back .  Poor Shane.  Out of spite, he has already left paw prints on the nice wood floor.  But the humans like it and we’re the ones paying so Shane will have to make do.
Steel Cut Oatmeal


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  • At 2010.02.10 10:00, Food o' del Mundo said:

    I’ve been eating steel cut oats in the morning since November – they ARE way better than regular! Unfortunatly my workout PALES in comparison!
    Love the addition of the raisins and seeds – I add some plain protein powder too. I guess I need to get one of those spurtles now too.

    • At 2010.02.10 12:02, Joanne said:

      Thanks Food o’del Mundo for your comment. It’s the nuttiness of the steel cut oats that makes them so much better.

      • At 2010.02.10 12:24, Nicole. RD said:

        Haha, I LOVE it! I want a spurtle! I knew what it was, too 🙂 I saw them quite a bit in Europe!! LOVE Bob’s Red Mill products!!

        • At 2010.02.10 19:00, Gera @ SweetsFoodsBlog said:

          A totally deserved breakfast and nice attention about the Spurtle!



          • At 2010.02.10 22:23, Pam (@ TotalHealthCounseling) said:

            The spurtle is awesome, perfect for making oats 🙂

            • At 2010.02.11 07:35, Joanne said:

              I love Bob’s Red Mill. Every product of theirs is amazing! The oats look great.

              And the spurtle – I think I’m going to say that word at least five thousand times today. It has made my morning.

              • At 2010.02.11 08:27, Joanne said:

                Nicole, Gera, Pam, Joanne: Let’s all say “Spurtle” 5000 times today! 🙂

                • At 2010.02.11 08:42, Dawn Hutchins said:

                  SO jealous! I love Bob’s Red Mill products. I just made Raw truffles using their rolled oats. I am almost out of that bag and will be moving on to the Steel cut oats. There is an overnight oatmeal recipe for the crock pot I want to try. Enjoy the spurtle! LOL!

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