On a Sunday

by Joanne on January 24, 2010

Ted was still snoring when I woke up.  Shane and I headed out the door as it was beginning to get light out.  Around the back streets of Utica parallel to Culver Ave.  We took a right when we got to Bleecker St. and found the back way into the park.


Shane waited for me as I made my way around the icy path


When you exit the back woods into the park, there is a creek that flows.  Children will wade in it during the summer. I’m not sure if it’s that clean or where the water comes from but…kids don’t care.  In the winter, the water is flowing slower as the ice keeps it in check

DSC00221  DSC00224

We found our way out of the first park, down the hill and into the second. That’s when Shane got a touch of the goofies…

DSC00234 DSC00235 DSC00236 DSC00237

Crazy dog

Finally, out of the parks and back on track, the old and familiar


One hour, 15 minutes and 4.68 miles later, we were home.  

Thoughts along the way:  

  • why do I always think it would be so easy to run a marathon when I’m walking?
  • I really would like that carousel horse on that persons porch. 
  • I hope there’s no muggers out this morning. They might like my Texas Longhorn jacket and rip it off me.  I don’t have my phone so I couldn’t call Ted to pick me up.  I’d have to run home to stay warm and this is my walking day.
  • I’m not taking Culver Ave home because there is no clear walkway. Hopefully I can find that pathway into the parks.   Did I go too far?  Oh no. Here it is.  Good. A snow mobile has made a trail for us.

And the rest you can see in the photos above.

When we returned home, Ted insisted on taking me to breakfast with Angela, Nicholas and Teddy. 

DSC00245 DSC00243

We went to Casab’s.  Casab’s has reopened after a fire several months ago.  This will be our first visit back since the reopening.

The menu looked good.  I had an egg white omelet with meatless greens,  hot peppers, mushrooms, and feta cheese with a side of dry rye toast.


Even with the hot peppers, Joanne needs more HEAT….hot sauce

DSC00248 Great start to an early birthday which isn’t until tomorrow.  Ted like to draw these things out.

Happy Sunday! Lets watch some Football!


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